Best Thing We Ate: Biryani at India 360

By Suresh Doss  |  June 26, 2014

We stand by the notion that if you want really good Indian food in Toronto, you must head north to the suburbs. Particularly Scarborough, where a string of new restaurants have opened up in the last year, offering wonderfully balanced (and spicy) dishes that you just can't find in the downtown core. Recently, we had the chance to eat through the menu at India 360. 

Dish: India 360 has a variety of Biryani (stir fried rice with meat and/or vegetables) on the menu. We had the chance to try three of them. Shrimp biryani and lamb biryani.
Price: $11
Backstory: India 360 is a popular dining destination amongst locals for two reasons. The menu is extensive and covers the full gamut of popular Indian dishes; from baked (tandoor) dishes, to vegetarian curries, and plenty of seafood in the form of shrimp curries, and fried fish. It's also popular for its weekend lunch buffet, where guests can sample their way through much of the menu. If it's your first time, check out the buffet and order one or two dishes from the a la carte menu. It's one of the best in the area. 
Tasting Notes: Think of biryani as the Indian version of a stir fry. Intensely flavored rice that has been cooked in spices, onions, and sometimes tomatoes, is tossed with a curry (lamb, chicken, shrimp). Order some raita (cucumber/yoghurt dip) on the side to help cool off the heat. 

2761 Markham Rd.; 416-754-3000