Best Thing We Ate: Ceviche at Seven Lives

By Suresh Doss  |  May 22, 2014

Every so often we get the craving for tacos. When we do, we make it a point to head to Kensington Market to visit Seven Lives. Recently, we spotted ceviche on the menu and had to try it.  

Dish: Ceviche
Price: $7
Backstory: The almighty taco reigns supreme at this tiny shop in Kensingon Market. The crew specializes in Tijuana–style tacos. Recently they added this ceviche to the menu, an it instantly became a hit.  
Tasting Notes: The plate literally overflows with fish and shrimp. Our order featured thick chunks of shrimp resting on avocado and red onions, drenched in lemon juice and a tiny hint of spice. Add a scoop of the house hot sauces (there are three) for some added kick. 

69 Kensington Ave.,