Momofuku Daishō to Host Hopgood's Foodliner Pop-Up Dinner

By Suresh Doss  |  June 17, 2014

Event Alert!

We've just been informed that a few seats have freed up for tonight's Chef collaboration dinner at Momofuku Daishō with guest chef Geoffrey Hopgood of Hopgood's Foodliner. As part of Momofuku's ongoing collaboration dinners and events, Chef Geoff Hopgood and the daishō crew will each prepare dishes using cheeses from Monforte Dairy, and beers from Great Lakes Brewery will be available as optional beverage pairings.

The scoop is that Monforte Dairy (buttermilk, butter, cheese) will be used in all of the dishes this evening. For example, biscuits will use butter and buttermilk, the trout dish will have buttermilk, and the blood sausage will be served with Monforte cream cheese. All dishes will be available a la carte, so pick and choose the ones you want to try most, or try them all.

Call to reserve.

190 University Ave., 647-253-8000