The 9 Best Lobster Rolls in Toronto

By Suresh Doss  |  June 10, 2014

Lobster season is well underway in Toronto, and restaurants are moving away from the the classic steamed whole lobster (with drawn butter on the side) for the lobster roll - a mayo-based lobster salad served inside a hot, buttered roll. Read on for our 10 favourite versions of the dish around the city. 

  • The Happy Hooker

    The seafood snack shop on Dundas West built its reputation on sustainable seafood, serving up delicious fish 'n' chips and buttermilk oyster sliders, but the lobster rolls are worth checking out. Chunks of lobster meat are piled into a white bun and dressed with celery, celery salt and an appreciable amount of mayo.

    887 Dundas St. W.; 416-603-4665

    (Photo by Karolyne Ellacott / Post City)

  • John and Sons

    This Midtown restaurant's lobster roll is a hot item on the menu. The East Coast-style roll is served with a healthy dollop of lemon herb mayo on top of butter greens, and finished off with shallot vinaigrette.

    1 Balmoral Ave.; 416-964-9333

    (photo from

  • Diana's Seafood

    As one of the city's largest purveyors of seafood, many foodies trek up to Diana's in Scarborough for their oyster and lobster specials. But if you don't feel like cooking at home, hit the restaurant next to the seafood market and enjoy one of Diana's fresh lobster rolls. It's served in a toasted bun with Boston lettuce, tomato and coleslaw.

    2105 Lawrence Ave. E.; 416-288-1588

    (Photo from Diana's Seafood website)

  • Buster's Sea Cove

    It's one of the city's most popular street-food vendors, and they have a delicious lobster roll on the menu. There's very little mayo in Tom Antonarakis' lobster roll, which spotlights the sweet lobster meat, dressed lightly with chives and spices.

    Follow the Buster's Sea Cove truck, or visit the shop at the St. Lawrence Market for the roll.

  • The Shore Club

    Eat that lobster roll in style at the cocktail bar at the Shore Club, and pair it with some of the city's best drinks. The lobster roll is mixed with avocado and curried mayo, served in a butter toasted brioche bun with bacon, lettuce and tomato. You get a choice of sides with the dish (we love the shoestring fries and the onion rings). Pair it with the Dandylion cocktail on the menu (Beefeater gin, green tea simple syrup, bar lime and cucumber).

    155 Wellington St. W.; 416-351-3311

  • Rock Lobster Queen East

    It's safe to say that owner Matt Dean-Petit is mainly responsible for Toronto's lobster roll craze. He created mass hysteria with his Rock Lobster pop-ups a few years ago, then quickly launched a series of seafood-themed restaurants. The latest is in Leslieville, and yes, they have the lobster rolls. Nothing fancy, they feature large chunks of meat in a buttered, toasted bun. (P.S. Try the Caesar, each is garnished with a lobster tail.)

    1192 Queen E.; 416-203-6623

    Photo courstey of Stella Yu / Food Junkie Chronicles)

  • The Chase

    It's a lobster roll pretending to be a Waldorf salad. At least that's how chef Michael Steh sees it. At the Chase, he fills two butter-slathered milk buns with thick pieces of tossed lobster meat, then dresses it with candied walnuts and apple chunks. A side of dill potato chips completes the meal.

    10 Temperance St.; 647-348-7000

    (Photo from SimplyGluttonous)

  • Fish Bar

    At this popular Ossington seafood bar, they do things slightly differently. Chilled lobster is mixed with shrimp meat and chives and then stuffed into butter brushed buns and served with sea salted chips. The result is a roll that is meatier than the typical one.

    217 Ossington Ave.; 647-340-0227

  • E11even

    If you like your lobster roll thick and chunky, try the version at E11even. The restaurant uses huge chunks of Nova Scotia Lobster for their roll, and they're served with a side of coleslaw and yukon fries. Bonus: E11even has one of the best wine lists in the city.

    15 York St.; 416-815-1111

    (photo by Samantha Ong / Sammylicious)