The Best Hot Dogs in Toronto

By Suresh Doss  |  June 16, 2014

Whether you like yours slathered in chili and a half a dozen toppings, or naked with a little bit of ballpark mustard, there's a hot dog just for you in Toronto.

Here are five of joints that put a twist on the classic hot dog.

  • Fancy Frank's

    Foodies quickly adopted and grew to love Fancy Frank's and its menu that presents classic frankfurters with a variety of twists. You'll need to go with a friend or two to enjoy FF's globally themed hod tog toppings, like the Franko Fancy-aano (wrapped prosciutto, reggiano cheese, arugula, balsamic dijon mustard) or the crowd favourite Frank's got Seoul (the hot dog is topped with beef ribs, kimchi, sesame seeds and scallions). 

    326 College St.; 416-920-3647
    940 Bloor St. W.; 416-901-8166

  • O&B Canteen

    O&B's market cafe and bakery may seem like an unlikely place to grab a hot dog in the city, but ever since Canteen started featuring cornmeal all-beef hot dogs in support of the Blue Jays, fans have been flocking to the restaurant pre-game to chow down on dogs and washing them down with $5 pints of Mill Street Tankhouse Ale. For $12, fans can get two gluten-free blue cornmeal all-beef hot dogs with a side of Yukon Gold fries and housemade ballpark mustard.

    330 King St. W.; 647-288-4710

  • Wvrst

    These days, WVRST's large hall is flooded with craft beer (and cider) lovers that love to session out over saisons and IPAs. But WVRST built its reputation on its extensive sausage menu, featuring a variety of encased meats, from lamb to kangaroo and rabbit. So if you like your meat with a tall glass of cask ale, this is the place.

    609 King St. W.; 416-703-7775

  • Real Sports

    Situated very close to two of Toronto's biggest sports stadiums, you'd figure that anything ballpark would be a hot menu item. Real Sports not only has an impressive "award-winning" chicken wing selection (15 different signature flavours), but they've also gone the same route with hot dogs. The "dog house" menu features five different foot-long hot dogs, dressed in a variety of ways from poutine-style to chili cheese and Southwestern (smoked pulled pork with creamy coleslaw).

    15 York St.; 416-815-7325

    (photo from BlogTO)

  • Street Eats

    Toronto may not have the best reputation when it comes to food carts and food trucks, but the city's street-food cred lies with the hot dog. Dozens of hot dog carts can be seen on any given day, most of which operate in the Financial District during lunch. Here are some of our favourites that serve up tasty hot dogs.

    Mike's hot dog stand (Best for those late-night cravings.)
    55 John St. (at King St.)

    City Hall (At any given time there are two-three hot dog stands that operate by Queen Street.)
    100 Queen St. W.

    Financial District hot dog stand (You can find this stand every day in front of Scotia bank, and it's one of the best.)
    99 King St. W.