5 Craveable Coffeeshop Bites

By Rina Rapuano  |  February 25, 2014

For the most part, coffee shops have upped their game from stale croissants, fall-apart biscuits and leaden muffins. But there are places that go above and beyond, offering snacks that are worth a drive (or bike ride) across town. In the spirit of Zagat's #CoffeeWeek coverage, we've rounded up the DC coffeehouse eats that we crave most. 

  • Credit: Baked & Wired

    Baked & Wired in Georgetown has so very many gorgeous pastries that it can be almost overwhelming. Hand pies, cupcakes, the pecan bar - we love them all. But co-owner Tony Velazquez swears by the Beesting ($1.75), a layering of shortbread, honey and sliced almonds, as the perfect pairing with any espresso drink.

    1052 Thomas Jefferson St. NW; 202-333-2500

  • Some are crispy and some are chewy, but it’s tough to really surprise people with the ubiquitous chocolate chip cookie. Not so with baker Greer Gilchrist’s version, which Blind Dog Café co-owner Noah Karesh says gain extra deliciousness from two key ingredients: love and “tan butter - it’s a unique method of mixing the sugar and butter together.” We’re not sure about that butter thing, but we definitely feel the love.

    944 Florida Ave. NW; 202-290-2865

  • Many coffee shops play fast and loose with the term “scone,” with far too many rock-hard, crumbly, tasteless varieties giving them a bad name. But Buzz Bakery pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac is a pro, and it's no wonder that her tender, flavorful ham and scallion scone ($3.25) is a popular choice with customers at Buzz, as well as GBD Fried Chicken & Doughnuts and Peregrine Espresso, which also sell the savory beauties.

    Multiple locations

  • At Pound the Hill in the Capitol Hill ‘hood, the best way to prepare your stomach for a marathon coffee-drinking session is by indulging in one of the decadent almond croissants from Lyon Bakery ($3.75). The coffeehouse uses organic, sustainable, fair-trade beans roasted by micro-roaster PT’s Coffee Roasting Co., and makes a mean Nutella latte ($3.65-$5.65), to boot.

    621 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202-621-6765

  • There are many reasons to duck into the darling little Room 11 cafe for breakfast or lunch - a perfect latte, the beautiful space, the bar filled with irresistible pastries and no WiFi (read: no seat hogs). But we cannot manage to visit without getting something on a biscuit ($3). Build your own sandwich with cave-aged cheddar, bacon and eggs, or enjoy these perfect biscuit specimens au naturel.

    3234 11th St. NW; 202-332-3234