5 Gourmet Riffs on Buffalo Chicken Wings

By Rina Rapuano  |  January 28, 2014
Credit: Greg Powers

Buffalo chicken wings have suddenly caught the fancy of several DC chefs, with a noticeable uptick in the use of classic "Buffalo" flavors like blue cheese, celery and a tangy, spicy sauce. Think of it as an homage, even when it seems as if the dish is too fancy or too tampered with to resemble the original. “When you close your eyes and taste it, you get the same flavors that you would if you were in a bar just eating Buffalo chicken,” says Bar Charley chef Adam Harvey, who created a soup based on the bar snack. And really, can there be a bad version of Buffalo chicken wings? Try these five spins and decide for yourself.

Where: Barmini
What: Buffalo chicken skins
The tasty bits: Seasoned, crispy chicken skin with a yogurt, blue cheese and hot-sauce dip.
Cost: $9
855 E St. NW; 202-393-4451

Where: Bar Charley
What: Celery-root velouté 
The tasty bits: Celery-root soup with Frank’s RedHot vinaigrette, sous vide chicken thighs that have been pressed and then fried until crispy, topped with bleu cheese powder and micro celery.
Cost: $8
1825 18th St. NW; 202-627-2183

Where: Co Co. Sala
What: Crispy Buffalo chicken sliders
The tasty bits: Breaded chicken breast dipped in the chef's Buffalo sauce with blue cheese and honey-roasted walnuts, plus a pear, baby celery and radicchio slaw all served on a housemade bun with cocoa nibs.
Cost: $12 for two; $18 for three
929 F St. NW; 202-347-4265

Where: The Coupe
What: Buffalo seitan tacos
The tasty bits: Crispy-fried seitan tossed with Buffalo sauce topped with lettuce, celery slaw and vegan ranch dressing.
Cost: $10
3415 11th St. NW; 202-290-3342

Where: Logan Tavern
What: Buffalo shrimp
The tasty bits: Shrimp dipped in spiced water, a dry mix of spices and then fried before tossed with a spicy blue cheese sauce.
Cost: $11 for a small; $15.50 for a large
1423 P St. NW; 202-332-3710