8 Delectable Spring Desserts to Try Around DC

By Rina Rapuano  |  May 19, 2016

Photo by Amber Breteinberg Photography

It might feel like fall out there, but spring is finally showing up on dessert plates around town. You'll find plenty of strawberry, rhubarb, tropical fruits and chocolate, which we all know never goes out of style. Here are eight new desserts to try: 

Where: Sally's Middle Name
What: Paris-brest with strawberries
The Details: This traditional French dessert is made here with a ring of pâte à choux pastry dotted with almond slivers that's sandwiched around pastry cream and organic local strawberries. It serves two and will be on the menu for the next couple of weeks.
Cost: $15

1320 H St. NE; 202-750-6529

Where: Restaurant Eve
What: Rhubarb brown butter “tart”
The Details: Rhubarb is poached in its own juices then plated with chamomile-steeped cream, a brown-butter tuile, brown-butter purée and granita made from the poaching liquid. It’s garnished with sorrel from the restaurant’s garden and micro basil.
Cost: $14

110 S. Pitt St., Alexandria; 703-706-0450

Where: Osteria Morini
What: Torta di formaggio al limone
The Details: Want to eat like the president? Pastry chef Alex Levin recently served this lemon-ricotta cheesecake with almond crunch, lemon curd, strawberries, vanilla rhubarb and strawberry-balsamic gelato in the West Wing.
Cost: $12

301 Water St. SE; 202-484-0660

Where: Brabo
What: Manjari panna cotta
The Details: Pastry chef Larry Queen shows us it doesn’t have to be all about strawberry and rhubarb to channel spring. He makes a panna cotta with manjari, a Valrhona single-origin chocolate bar made with beans from Madagascar. The dessert is plated with an iris macaron, cherry-lime marshmallow, hibiscus gel, matcha-lime ice cream and edible flowers.
Cost: $11

1600 King St., Alexandria; 703-894-3440

Where: Muze
What: Tropical fruit verrine
The Details: A base of buttermilk, cream, pineapple purée and gelatin is set in a Mason jar and topped with raspberry caviar, toasted coconut, white chocolate and a chocolate-cardamom sponge cake. It’s garnished with a charcoal-vanilla shortbread cookie.
Cost: $10

1330 Maryland Ave. SW; 202-787-6148

Where: Convivial
What: Poached rhubarb vacherin
The Details: A meringue cup is filled with pastry cream lightened with whipped cream and poached rhubarb. It’s served with strawberry-crème fraîche ice cream, strawberry coulis, pistachio, berries and edible flowers.
Cost: $9

801 O St. NW;  202-525-2870

Where: Métier
What: Tea and shortcakes
The Details: Pastry chef Anne Specker created this dish as an ode to afternoon tea. It starts with brown sugar shortcakes filled with chamomile sabayon glaçé and gilded with honeycomb-rhubarb sorbet, poached and candied rhubarb, candied ginger and jam.
Cost: Part of the seven-course prix fixe tasting menu ($200 including service)

1015 Seventh St. NW; 202-737-7500

Where: Estadio
What: Mango copa
The Details: Most of us are ready for spring to be over, and this dessert looks ahead to summer. This tropical cup of mango-rum granita, mango sorbet, diced mango and a rum-mango sauce topped with crema provides some much-needed sunshine during this rainy season.
Cost: $9

1520 14th St. NW; 202-319-1404