4 Dessert Pizzas to Discover

By Olga Boikess  |  September 25, 2013
Credit: Osteria Marzano

Want to eat dessert, and have your pizza too? No problem - pizzas topped with Nutella, fruit and other sweet stuff are becoming nearly as prevalent on menus as the classic Margherita. Here are some spots offering a crispy crusted treat.

Al Dente: Roberto Donna gets creative with his Nutella pizza at his Wesley Heights trattoria. He stuffs a calzone with the hazelnut chocolate paste and adds bananas to the mix. He also offers an elegant pie topped with pears, marscapone, chocolate and chestnuts. 

H & Pizza and & PizzaThese design your own pizza stops on H st NE and U St. NW offer a suggested dessert combo including Nutella, strawberry purée and mounds of sweet ricotta cheese.

Osteria Marzano: Summer may be over, but pizza lovers can revisit their campfire days with an Italian take on s’mores at chef/owner Carmine Marzano’s Alexandria showcase restaurant. Pictured above, he tops the crust with Nutella, pistachios, whipped marscapone and baby marshmallows.

Pacci’s Neapolitan Pizzeria: Nutella stars in one of this Silver Spring pizzeria's most popular pies. Covered in Nutella, cocoa powder and powdered sugar, the dish can get even sweeter with the addition of optional strawberries.