Bibiana’s Tasty Take on the Advent Calendar

By Rina Rapuano  |  November 27, 2013
Credit: Greg Powers

Bibiana has a plan to make the countdown to Christmas as fun for grownups as those chocolate-filled advent calendars did when you were a kid. Beverage director Michael King has drafted a list of 25 seasonal cocktails that will help ease the anticipation of the big day - as well as any Christmas-shopping angst.

The chic Italian restaurant starts a day early, however, introducing its first holiday-inspired cocktail November 30 and featuring a new one each day through December 24. Among the concoctions to look forward to are the hot chocolate with Cognac and housemade cardamom marshmallow on Day Two, a hazelnut old fashioned made with hazelnut-infused bourbon on Day Five and the Carino, a combo of vodka, quince and pear jam, lemon and honey on Day Eight.

King will also serve his housemade rosolio liqueur, a digestivo infused with the peels of lemons and mandarins as well as fennel and other ingredients commonly found on the Amalfi Coast. In addition, chef Nick Stefanelli rolls out a few new snacks for the bar, including fried mussels with pickled chiles and cured lemon cream, ricotta fritters and crispy duck wings with kumquat and red chile.

Of course, eating and drinking so decadently before Christmas could land you on Santa's hit-the-gym list - but you can take care of that with some strategic New Year's resolutions (202-216-9550).