BLT Steak Gets Into the Thanksgiving Spirit

By Rina Rapuano  |  November 26, 2013

It seems as if chefs around town are getting pretty excited about Thanksgiving. We already brought you news of Ted’s Bulletin’s Thanksgiving pop-tart and Bourbon Steak’s turducken sandwich. Now we’ve gotten word of a Black Friday special to be offered this week at BLT Steak: a Thanksgiving leftover-stuffed popover.

Fans of the steakhouse’s popovers will want to try this huge, limited edition available at the bar Friday from 11:30 AM-10 PM for $10. That may seem like a lot of dough for stuffed bread, but when you consider the herb-roasted turkey, cranberry chutney, potato purée and rosemary gravy it’s packing, it starts to resemble an entire meal.

The stuffed behemoths are the brainchild of BLT Steak’s brand-new chef, Jeremy Shelton, who joined the DC kitchen from his previous stint as executive sous-chef at Bourbon Steak in Miami. The genius popover idea makes us all the more excited to get in there and try his cooking (202-689-8999).