Even We Had to Google It: Spider Rolls

By Rina Rapuano  |  May 29, 2014
Credit: Phu "Son" Nguyen

An new feature where we share the dishes, ingredients and drinks that have sent us straight to Google.

While we’ve eaten our fair share of sushi, we never noticed the term “spider rolls” until we received some intel on a few soft-shell crab dishes happening over at The Source. One was described as “soft-shell spider rolls from the sushi bar” - and while we were able to make an educated guess from the visual aspect of the name, we Googled it just to be safe. Indeed they are as we suspected: a maki roll made of tempura-fried soft-shell crabs with veggies and nori.

The fact that spider rolls are new to us is a clue that we might be in a bit of a sushi rut. Perhaps it's time to venture away from the favorites and give some other rolls a try. And while the legs do look somewhat spidery peeking out from the side of the roll, that won’t keep us from getting over to The Source to try this seasonal delicacy while it lasts.

Where do you like to order spider rolls? Is there a food term you think might stump us enough to send us running to Google? Tell us about it in the comments or via Twitter at @ZagatDC.