Foie Gras Sticks Around for Dessert

By Rina Rapuano  |  October 15, 2013

While foie gras generally appears on appetizer and entree plates, its traditional pairing with acidic fruits may have inspired local chefs to introduce the concept of foie gras for dessert. (They also seem to be garnering inspiration from breakfast.) Here are three DC dining rooms where open-minded diners can order this duck-liver delicacy as a rich, sweet finish.

Rose’s Luxury is serving foie gras French toast, a seared lobe atop a housemade brioche toast battered with the same custard used to make the cinnamon-toast ice cream that accompanies it. Add a crumble of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, and you’ve got a wonder of flavors and textures (202-608-5988).

Marcel’s has a secret, off-menu dessert featuring foie gras: Belgian beer-battered waffle topped with seared foie and seasonal fruits with a Sauterne reduction. Those in the know can taste the dessert with strawberries in spring, blackberries in fall - its current fruit pairing - and perhaps plums in winter (202-296-1166). 

Barmini, an cocktail-focused extension of José Andrés’ Minibar tasting room, serves what is known as a “foiffel” - a waffle filled with a foie gras espuma and coated with honey, peanut butter praline, crushed peanuts and maldon sea salt (202-393-4451). In addition, Minibar currently has a foie gras snack on the tasting menu that doubles as a dessert. The kitchen pipes dehydrated apple meringue into the form of a duck, hollows it out and fills it with foie gras ice cream. We’re betting it’s as delicious as it is cheeky (202-393-0812).