8 Must-Try New Fall Pizzas Around DC

By Olga Boikess  |  September 23, 2013

No doubt about it, pizza is one of the most popular foods out there. And now that chillier weather is approaching, chefs are taking the favorite and making it seasonally appropriate by piling housemade sausage and fall bounty on the dough base. Pair these new hearty autumn creations below with a beer or a glass of wine to make a satisfying meal.

  • Al Dente: Piedmontese

    Chef Roberto Donna honors his Italian home base with a pizza that showcases its native fontina cheese, along with regional specialties like flor di latte mozzarella, porcini mushrooms and pork sausage. Soon, it'll be the season when he tops pizzas with truffles, another nod to his roots ($13.95). 

    3201 New Mexico Ave. NW; 202-244-2233

  • Comet Ping Pong: The Smokey

    Pizza, Ping-Pong and live music keep the action going at this Upper Northwest fun spot. Patrons can warm up chill fall days with a pizza that features smoked mushrooms, smoked mozzarella cheese, smoked bacon, melted onions and garlic oil and pretend they're gathered around a campfire ($13).

    5037 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-364-0404

  • Custom Fuel: BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Pizza mavens can assemble their own creations at this near-the-White House/World Bank fast-casual operation. Or they can opt for a pre-designed pie like this new entry with toppings that include roast chicken, red onion, gorgonzola, aged cheddar, BBQ sauce and cilantro ($7.95). 

    1747 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; 202-530-3918

  • Graffiato: Dirty South

    Autumn brings menu changes to Mike Isabella’s Chinatown Italian. Among the new pies is this tribute to Dixie featuring Brussels sprouts, braised pork, sweet potato, maple flavor and chili ($17). 

    707 Sixth St. NW; 202-289-3600

  • Mussel Bar /Arlington: Spicy Lamb Sausage

    Chef-owner Robert Wiedmaier’s latest mussel and beer outlet in Arlington, Virginia, fills a former car dealership. Along with its signature mollusk and suds combo, you’ll find plenty of flatbreads on the tables. On this fall feature, spicy lamb sausage is paired with harissa, tomato fondue, roasted peppers and goat cheese ($13). 

    800 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA; 703-841-2337

  • Credit: Travis Vaughn

    Piola: Guadalajara

    This international chain recently added a location on hopping 14th St NW. Among its 40 pizza combos is a new one featuring chicken and beef strips sautéed with jalapeño peppers, sweet pepper, onions and tomatoes - an ode to Mexico ($14).

    1550 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA; 703-528-1502
    2208 14th St. NW; 202-986-8729.

  • Pizzeria Paradiso: Pork Barrel Pizza

    These beer and brick-oven specialists take pizza to the next level with fruit. They’re running a pork barrel pizza special this week. Roast pork, arugula, red onion, pecorino, goat cheese and a white grape/green onion/caper relish top its signature crispy crust ($14; $19).

    2003 P St. NW; 202-223-1245
    3282 M St. NW; 202-237-1245
    124 King St., Alexandria, VA; 703-837-1245

  • RedRocks: Boar Sausage Pizza

    Housemade boar sausage adds a gamey taste to these local pizza purveyors’ fall specialty pie. Smoked mozzarella and roasted artichokes punch up the flavor even more ($15). 

    1036 Park Rd. NW; 202-506-1402
    2501 Ninth Rd., S. Arlington, VA; 703-920-0706
    904 King St., Alexandria, VA; 703-717-9673
    1348 H. St. NE; 202-621-7300