Must-Try: Oysters with Dashi Espuma at BLT Steak

By Rina Rapuano  |  January 23, 2014

Oysters are seemingly everywhere these days, but we can't remember a preparation as surprising and delicious as the one we sampled at BLT Steak recently. New executive chef Jeremy Shelton shows he can do much more than cook a steak with this beautifully complex starter, managing to make an oyster so good that it rivaled the A5 Wagyu beef we sampled later on in our meal.

Shelton starts with a freshly shucked Wianno oyster from Cape Cod, adding a tiny dice of cucumber, chile oil, mignonette sauce and balsamic gelée before topping it all with a dashi espuma. The bivalves debut on the downtown steakhouse's menu today at $5 apiece or four for $18.

If you think adding all those ingredients to an oyster unnecessarily complicates something that Mother Nature already made so well, you'd be wrong. Each element is distinct yet works together to support the main event - that beautiful oyster - and left us craving more.

For us, it all adds up to a perfect bite.