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Plan Ahead: DC Meat Week

By Rina Rapuano  |  January 16, 2014
Credit: jeffreyw

Most of us associate the Super Bowl with meaty buffets loaded with the likes of pigs in a blanket, beef chili and chicken wings. (Well, we do, anyway.) So it only makes sense that the annual carnivore extravaganza known as DC Meat Week takes place during the seven days preceding the year’s biggest football game.

From January 26-February 1, DC barbecue enthusiasts can visit seven host restaurants around the region - such as Rockville’s Urban Bar-B-Que, which kicks off the event starting at 6:30 PM January 26, and Pork Barrel BBQ in Del Ray, which hosts starting at 7 PM January 29. The complete nightly schedule can be found here.

Just show up at the designated featured restaurant, order and pay for your food and follow the Meat Week flags to join like-minded souls for a smoky, meat-laden dinner. Most venues will offer specials on the night they host.

The week culminates in a January 31 BBQ food-truck face-off hosted by LivingSocial; tickets can be pre-ordered here. The $49 cost per person includes 15 food samples; one PBR tallboy; demos on butchering, sauces, rubs, fuel and knife skills; and a vote for your favorite BBQ. Participating food trucks include last year’s winner, BBQ Bus, as well as Rockland’s, Curley’s Q and Carnivore BBQ.