Pop-Up Alert: Try the Fried Chicken at Seasonal Pantry in Shaw

By Rina Rapuano  |  August 14, 2014

We checked out the pop-up at Seasonal Pantry in Shaw yesterday to sample chef-owner Daniel O’Brien’s fried chicken sandwich — a wonderfully messy stack of softened onions, spicy fried chicken, sweet pickles, a fried egg and what tasted like a blue-cheese sauce. Today and tomorrow bring fried chicken ($9) plus donuts made by Blue Duck Tavern pastry chef Naomi Gallego, and we hear one of her three donut flavors will be an Earl Grey old fashioned with lemon-ginger glaze. Doors open at noon and stay open till they sell out. Check the restaurant’s Twitter feed for fried chicken updates, as well as more info about Saturday's chicken and waffles pop-up.

Perfect for: Intrepid eaters who don’t own a scale.
Dish You’ll Gush Over: Chicken-fried everything
What to Drink: Water, and lots of it. (We were incredibly thirsty after foolishly only having a latte from nearby La Colombe on hand.)
Best Seat: Back at the office, where you can devour your behemoth in private shame — or glorious shamelessness.
Good to Know: Avoid the lines by calling in your order ahead of time; also, they sometimes give a discount for paying in cash.

1314 1/2 Ninth St. NW; 202-713-9866