Taste Test: GRK Opens in Dupont Tomorrow

By Rina Rapuano  |  July 17, 2014

While there’s no shortage of fast, healthy lunch options in DC’s office-heavy downtown, New York-based GRK Fresh Greek is betting there’s room for one more. The fast-casual spit-roasted meats emporium opens tomorrow just south of Dupont Circle, the first DC-area location for the company.

The bright, modern space hints at the streamlined experience they’re striving for, but the vertical spits of chicken, lamb, beef and pork behind the counter suggests something a bit homier. Those meats get stuffed into the chainlet’s signature “Yeeros,” the phonetic spelling of the more familiar “gyro,” and are also offered as a platter with house-baked pita.  

Yeeros can be topped with three types of tzatziki — traditional, spicy or basil-garlic — and come with sliced tomato and red onion. We opted for a chicken Yeero with spicy tzatziki and a beef-lamb Yeero with the basil-garlic tzatziki; and while both were really quite tasty, they could have used a bit more sauce. Also, pepper fiends should be warned that the spicy isn’t terribly so.

Other items we really enjoyed were the crunchy, nicely seasoned Aegean slaw, the French fries and the little bottle of Greek lemon soda. The fresh, thick Greek yogurt comes in fat-free and 2%, and — like the frozen yogurt — can be gilded with a choice of two toppings, many of which are on the sticky-sweet, exotic side, like the rose petal jam and the (mysteriously bright green) fig preserves.

When we first heard of this concept, we were curious how GRK's arrival would impact our hometown favorite, Cava Grill — a locally owned Greek fast-casual chain. But after tasting GRK today, we think there are enough differences that DC can easily sustain them both. For one thing, Cava Grill has more menu choices and is committed to using local ingredients. That said, GRK is a tasty option if you happen to work or live nearby, and we wouldn't be sorry to find ourselves there again soon.  

GRK will be open from 11 AM-10 PM Monday through Thursday; 11 AM-3 AM Friday;  12 noon-3 AM Saturday; and noon-10 PM Sunday.

1140 19th St. NW; 202-813-3726