Taylor Gourmet Rolls Out New Menu Tomorrow

By Rina Rapuano  |  October 22, 2013

We’ve long been fans of Taylor Gourmet’s chicken cutlet and roast pork Philly-style hoagies. Now, the fast-growing local chainlet will add more sandwiches, salads and sides in addition to bringing back the discontinued breakfast hoagie.

Starting tomorrow at 11 AM, such hoagies as the Lehigh Avenue - a vegan offering of roasted cauliflower, spicy red pepper dressing, white-bean hummus and arugula - and the Pearl Street, stacked with roast turkey, sun-dried tomato pesto, garlicky spinach and Brie, will be available. Customers also now have a choice of a gluten-free wrap.

As for those breakfast sandwiches, one of two that will be available all day is the Queen Lane, brimming with spicy Italian sausage, eggs, broccoli rabe and Provolone.

To celebrate the new items, a choice of chickpea salad, kale side salad, pasta salad or potato salad will be given away with the purchase of a hoagie or an entree salad tomorrow through Sunday.

The shop has seven area locations, including one in Maryland and one in Virginia (original H Street NW location: 202-684-7001).