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Turkish Restaurant Week Comes to DC

By Olga Boikess  |  September 12, 2013
Credit: Greg Powers and Audrey Crewe

Turkish Restaurant Week, happening September 13-23, will offer bargain tastes of a rich and varied cuisine that melds Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Balkan/Slavic culinary traditions. Three-course lunches for $18 and/or four-course dinners for $30 will be served at Agora, Café Divan, Ezme Restaurant & Wine Bar, Levante’s, Rosemary Thyme Bistro and Zaytinya. Look for specialities including Turkish-style pastrima, an imported cured beef, spicy kebobs in various styles and the well-known imam bayildi, Ottoman-style stuffed roasted eggplant, along with other interesting vegetable dishes and salads. Savory and sweet phyllo based pastries are a given, but there are other intriguing desserts to try too (go here for information about participants and their menus).