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Where to Brunch: Duke’s Grocery

By Rina Rapuano  |  December 13, 2013

Anglophiles take note: We’ve got a line on a proper English brekkie that will take the sting out of being so far away from the UK. Duke’s Grocery opened in September as a culinary tribute to East London located in East Dupont, and the brunch offerings happily follow suit.

The hefty, traditional breakfast includes bangers (massive sausages), rashers (English back bacon), black pudding (do you really want to know?), beans, mushrooms, roasted tomato, eggs and toast. The Full Veggie is, of course, the meatless version.

Executive chef and partner Alex McCoy, who spent many of his early years in East London, also offers up a porridge of whole-grain Irish oats with maple, fresh fruit and double cream, as well as a “brunchy burger” topped with charred red onion, Edam cheese, housemade pickles, a sweet chile sauce and rocket (aka arugula) - with the option to add an egg, of course.

The brunch menu is available from 11 AM-3 PM Saturday and Sunday, when bottomless mimosas and housemade bloody Mary’s flow for $15 per person.

When asked about the South American lomito completo and the Vietnamese bahn mi, co-owner Daniel Kramer says, “Our menu takes inspiration internationally. Good British food is not necessarily a fish and chips or a shepherd’s pie, it’s empire food. East London is an immigrant’s neighborhood, so we’ll have a tikka masala here or a Thai curry there during the week.”

This is a brunch menu we’re all set to conquer (202-733-5623).