Where to Drink This Weekend: 10 Coffee Cocktails

By Rina Rapuano  |  February 28, 2014

To round out Zagat’s #CoffeeWeek coverage Friday style, we found 10 (plus a few extra) tasty ways to streamline your coffee and booze intake - by mixing ’em, of course. And since many of these are served warm, they thankfully ward off the chill in more than one way.

- Bayou Bakery makes three: a Cajun latte made with bourbon, espresso and steamed milk; a captain chai that blends spiced rum with a chai latte topped with whipped cream and cinnamon; and an Irish cafe au lait, coffee mixed with Irish cream liqueur and topped with whipped cream.

- Café Dupont serves a Brandy Alexandra made of brandy, crème de cacao, Kahlua, Frangelico and a shot of espresso topped with heavy cream, cinnamon, chocolate shavings and muddled mint leaves.

- Estadio has created the hot Quatrofiasco cocktail made with espresso, orange zest-infused brandy, almond syrup and frothed milk.

- Farmers Fishers Bakers has two on offer: a New Orleans version with Intelligentsia coffee, brandy, chicory bitters and meringue, and a Mexican version with the same coffee, tequila, Kahlua, cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate.

- Lupo Verde serves the Tana del Lupo (wolf’s cave) chilled cocktail made with the espresso-infused Don Ciccio & Figli Concerto liqueur, white whiskey, coconut milk and cinnamon tincture.

- New Heights blends cold-brewed Turkish coffee with simple syrup, L'Afrique vermouth vin aromatique and simple syrup topped with chocolate-bitters-enhanced whipped cream.

- PostScript in the Loews Madison Hotel serves a drink that blends coffee and muddled coffee beans with dark rum, Kahlua, cream and DC Brau’s Penn Quarter Porter.

- Range’s With Coffee cocktail adds the warm brew to its Playground Meltdown cocktail - a blend of Chairman's Reserve rum (which is fat-washed with spiced butter), coffee liqueur and honey syrup.

- Rogue 24 has a cool cocktail called The Dude made with La Colombe coffee, PX sherry, sweetened condensed milk, cherry brandy and mole bitters topped with a salted milk froth.

- Westend Bistro’s Filibuster cocktail is spiked with spiced rum, vanilla vodka, cinnamon syrup, chocolate bitters and locally made Growl Cold Brew Coffee.