Where to Find the Best Biscuits in DC

By Olga Boikess  |  May 28, 2014

The best biscuits we ever ate were in Crowley Louisiana’s old Greyhound bus station turned diner. Sadly it closed, and we’ve never been able to track down the baker of those melt-in-your-mouth treats. Still, you don’t have to go on a road trip to enjoy terrific versions of these homey American hot breads. Flaky or fluffy, tangy with buttermilk or rich with cream, slathered with butter and jelly or sandwiching breakfast or fried chicken or dessert - there’s a bounty of biscuit options around DC.

  • Credit: courtesy Macon Bistro & Larder

    Classic Biscuit: Macon Bistro & Larder, Evening Star, Bayou Bakery

    Chef-owner Tony Brown hails from Georgia, so it’s hardly surprising that his just-opened Macon Bistro & Larder in Chevy Chase, with its French and Southern accents, offers biscuits and jelly as a menu item (pictured). For his restaurant version, Brown turned to the time-tested recipe and techniques of his grandmother, the late Essie Childs of Butler, Georgia, who used soft Southern flour, made her dough wet, and hand-formed each biscuit, gently patting it with the back of her hands to flatten it on the baking sheet.

    At Evening Star in Del Rey, chef Jim Jeffords mimics that slightly sour taste of the classic Southern biscuits he enjoyed growing up in Georgia by using buttermilk and sour cream, while chef-owner David Guas honors his New Orleans roots at Bayou Bakery with a crumbly biscuit that involves mixing dry and wet ingredients by hand and some special touches he won’t reveal.

  • Credit: courtesy Woodward Table/WTF

    Breakfast Biscuit: WTF

    Chef Hamilton Johnson recently won a local competition with an adaptation of his South Carolina mother’s buttermilk biscuit recipe. Tender and flaky, they’re the base for breakfast sandwiches at this Downtown casual annex to American Woodward Table (photo). You’ll find the similar prize-winning biscuits in the bread basket at Vidalia, its sister restaurant.

  • Credit: Scott Suchman

    Ham Biscuit: District Commons

    Tucking salty cured pork into pillowy hot biscuits is a Southern tradition. This Foggy Bottom American’s pig board - a platter of artisanal ham, biscuits, butter and pickled cherries - lets diners get into the action by building their own versions. The biscuits, like those served at its sister Acadiana, have a buttermilk tang.

  • Credit: courtesy GBD

    Chicken Biscuit: GBD

    Crunchy fried chicken just seems destined to mate with a fluffy biscuit. And that’s what happens at this hot Dupont Circle eatery. Baking whiz Tiffany MacIsaac goes for a really tender, buttery-style hot bread. Her secret ingredient is a “ton of crème fraîche” - the wetter dough, the more supple the biscuit. Another secret: after she’s chilled the dough, she turns it (fold in half and roll out) several times.

  • Credit: courtesy BlackSalt

    Dessert Biscuit: BlackSalt

    Susan Wallace, who helms desserts for this Palisades New American and its siblings, never liked biscuits as a child. But that didn’t prevent her from turning out a killer version, based on a scone recipe, that’s used for the strawberry shortcake. Lots of butter, heavy cream and whole eggs yields a rich biscuit that’s sprinkled with large sparkly sugar crystals and sea salt before baking. The recipe is lightened for a breakfast version at Republic in Takoma Park, by swapping buttermilk for cream and ditching the eggs.