6 Juice Shops for Post-Holiday Detox

By Rina Rapuano  |  November 26, 2013
Credit: Josh Cogan/Sweetgreen

The annual turkey, butter-laden carb and pie extravaganza is usually enough to leave us groaning the day after Thanksgiving - and this year, some will add a few latkes to the Thanksgiving table. Add it all together, and we’re guessing you’ll wake up Friday morning feeling a bit ashamed as you reach for those stretchy pants. We have the solution: local juice bars, where you can redeem yourself with wheatgrass shots, virtuous juice combos, raw foods and salads. Sure, you can grab a cold-pressed juice at places like Whole Foods, but here are a few other must-try stops on your post-Turkey Day detox trail. And when you drink too much this time around, it'll actually be good for you.

  • The B Spot

    This Capitol Hill juice bar, tea room, smoothie shop, art gallery and performance space may wear many hats, but it is always serious about juice. The Garden of Eden is a blend of carrot, apple and ginger juices deepened with organic vanilla, but we’re guessing you could use the Daily Detox whipped up from carrot, cucumber, lemon, apple and ginger juices. Maybe save the B Spot Better Buttercup - rich with organic peanut butter, chocolate syrup, fruit and almond milk - for next week.

    1123 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202 546-7186

  • Credit: Lauren Keane-Farrell

    Hawthorne Homemade Organic Juice Bar & Market

    At this Cleveland Park spot, you can order up juices, soups and raw to-go items like a wrap filled with turnip-cashew crunch, almond spread, parsnips and carrots, among other things, all wrapped in collards. But turkey sandwiches are also available, and you can shop for some healthy market items to fill your fridge while you’re there. Of the juices, try the Abundant Energy made of green apple, lemon, kale and celery. Cleanses are also available.

    3706 Macomb St. NW; 202-248-2374

  • Juice Joint Café

    This go-to breakfast and lunch spot for healthy eaters and K Street workaholics has an extensive menu featuring nutritious options for those who need more than a few twigs to satisfy their hunger. Sure, there are juices, smoothies (made with fruit, juices and rice milk only), wraps and salads, but also items like the turkey burger, an all-natural, free-range turkey patty served on a multigrain bun. If you’re not ready to go cold turkey on your detox, try the outstanding salad of spinach and baby arugula topped with grilled chicken, honeyed pecans and blue cheese.

    1025 Vermont Ave. NW; 202-347-6783

  • Khepra’s Raw Food and Juice Bar

    Ever had an avocado-plantain pie or a BBQ “neatloaf”? Well, after Thursday, maybe you should. Chef Khepra Anu serves raw, organic vegetarian fare from his shop inside Dynamic Health and Wellness, a center that provides services like reflexology and foot detoxes. According to the juice bar’s website, Anu prizes coconut-water fasts over other popular juice regimens: “Carrots are a man-created food that you will never find growing wild in nature, and wheatgrass is for four-legged animals.”

    402 H St. NE; 202-803-2063

  • Purée Juice Bar

    Purée uses “only 100% organic, raw, vegan, fresh, cold-pressed juice,” and also tries to source locally whenever possible. Juices are pressed each morning and bottled in thick-walled glass jars to preserve both taste and nutrients. Shakes are great here too, some incorporating the shop’s housemade almond “mylk.” The ultramodern bar in Bethesda is not only steps from plenty of fine Black Friday shopping, it’s also close to gyms and yoga studios in case you really went overboard. Cleanses are also available, including a holiday maintenance plan.

    4903 Elm St., Bethesda, ​301-654-7873; Purée @ MINT Health Club, ​202-328-6468

  • Credit: Josh Cogan


    Sweetgreen introduced its Sweetpress juices line last year, and we have been lapping up jewel-toned concoctions like Energize - a blend of carrot, orange, grapefruit and ginger juices spiked with cayenne - as well as Detox, a mix of pineapple, apple, ginger and mint. Is it wrong that we have considered them as cocktail mixers? No matter. We hardly ever leave a Sweetgreen without a cup of froyo, anyway.

    Multiple locations, including Logan Circle, 202-234-7336; Georgetown, 202-337-9338; and Dupont Circle, 202-387-9338