Who Was the Special Guest Star at Jets and Chefs?

By James Mulcahy  |  October 20, 2013

Joe Namath was in the house yesterday at Jets and Chefs, one of this year's new events that was by all accounts a smashing success (aka one notch below madhouse). The football star hosted the shindig with Mario Batali, and chefs from around the country churned out their versions of tailgate food while the crowd lined up for photo ops with other former players.

Those weren't the longest lines in the house, though, since there was a special guest star at this Saturday afternoon party: cronuts! Baker Dominique Ansel was present, and his crew was hand-filling freshly made cronut holes, which also recently made an appearance at Shake Shack. The holes aren't available at the bakery proper, and the crowds at the sports-themed bash were eager for a taste. The line stretched past the 30-minute mark proving that where Ansel goes, a line will follow.