New York City Celebrity Chef Restaurants

Le Bernardin

Seafood • West 50s

Food29 Decor28 Service29 Cost$162

French • TriBeCa

Food29 Decor28 Service28 Cost$132
Eleven Madison Park

Fine Dining • Flatiron

Food28 Decor28 Service28 Cost$220

French • West 60s

Food28 Decor28 Service28 Cost$166

American • West Village

Food28 Decor23 Service27 Cost$94

Eclectic • East Village

Food28 Decor23 Service25 Cost$48
Gotham Bar & Grill

American • Greenwich Village

Food28 Decor27 Service27 Cost$86
Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

French • Downtown Brooklyn

Food28 Decor22 Service27 Cost$321

French • East 60s

Food28 Decor28 Service28 Cost$167

American • Flatiron

Food27 Decor26 Service27 Cost$95
Mas (farmhouse)

American • West Village

Food27 Decor24 Service26 Cost$103
Nobu Next Door

Japanese • TriBeCa

Food27 Decor23 Service24 Cost$93
the little owl

Mediterranean • West Village

Food27 Decor21 Service24 Cost$62

Italian • West 50s

Food27 Decor26 Service26 Cost$117

Kaiseki • West 50s

Food27 Decor19 Service24 Cost$105
Momofuku Ko

Asian • East Village

Food27 Decor19 Service25 Cost$163
Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi • West Village

Food27 Decor23 Service26 Cost$196
Pearl Oyster Bar

Seafood • West Village

Food27 Decor15 Service21 Cost$53
Nobu Fifty Seven

Japanese • West 50s

Food27 Decor23 Service24 Cost$93
Sushi of Gari 46

Sushi • West 40s

Food26 Decor16 Service22 Cost$96
Perry St

West Village

Food26 Decor25 Service24 Cost$71

Italian • West Village

Food26 Decor19 Service22 Cost$55
Colicchio & Sons

American • Chelsea

Food26 Decor26 Service26 Cost$78

New American • West 60s

Food26 Decor22 Service25 Cost$76
Gari Columbus

Japanese • West 70s

Food26 Decor16 Service22 Cost$96
Ristorante Morini

Italian • East 80s

Food26 Decor23 Service25 Cost$98
Babbo Ristorante

Italian • Greenwich Village

Food26 Decor23 Service24 Cost$94
Ai Fiori

Italian • West 30s

Food26 Decor25 Service25 Cost$93
Cafe Boulud

French • East 70s

Food26 Decor24 Service26 Cost$86

Japanese • TriBeCa

Food26 Decor25 Service26 Cost$161
15 East Restaurant

Japanese • Union Square

Food26 Decor22 Service24 Cost$102
Porter House New York

Steakhouse • West 50s

Food26 Decor25 Service24 Cost$84
Blue Hill

American • Greenwich Village

Food26 Decor23 Service26 Cost$94
Del Posto

Italian • Chelsea

Food26 Decor27 Service27 Cost$128

French • West 60s

Food26 Decor25 Service26 Cost$112
Sushi of Gari

Japanese • East 70s

Food26 Decor16 Service22 Cost$96
Scalini Fedeli

Italian • TriBeCa

Food26 Decor24 Service26 Cost$100
The Modern

French • West 50s

Food26 Decor26 Service25 Cost$127

American • Bushwick

Food26 Decor18 Service20 Cost$38
The NoMad Restaurant

American • Nomad

Food26 Decor26 Service24 Cost$88

American • Flatiron

Food26 Decor24 Service26 Cost$87

New American • West 40s

Food26 Decor25 Service25 Cost$88

Eclectic • TriBeCa

Food26 Decor25 Service25 Cost$59

Japanese • Chelsea

Food26 Decor26 Service24 Cost$100
Boulud Sud

Mediterranean • West 60s

Food25 Decor23 Service24 Cost$76
Mary's Fish Camp

Seafood • West Village

Food25 Decor16 Service20 Cost$52
Momofuku Ssäm Bar

American • East Village

Food25 Decor18 Service21 Cost$53

Italian • East 50s

Food25 Decor21 Service23 Cost$84
ABC Kitchen


Food25 Decor24 Service23 Cost$63
David Burke Kitchen

New American • SoHo

Food25 Decor23 Service23 Cost$69

Japanese • East 70s

Food25 Decor11 Service21 Cost$129

New American • Murray Hill

Food25 Decor26 Service25 Cost$65
Marc Forgione

American • TriBeCa

Food25 Decor23 Service23 Cost$83

Austrian • West Village

Food25 Decor22 Service24 Cost$88

Asian • Park Slope

Food25 Decor21 Service22 Cost$49

Italian • Chelsea

Food25 Decor22 Service23 Cost$86

Steakhouse • SoHo

Food25 Decor22 Service24 Cost$93
Osteria Morini

Italian • SoHo

Food25 Decor19 Service22 Cost$60

Italian • West 40s

Food25 Decor20 Service22 Cost$83

American • East Village

Food25 Decor20 Service24 Cost$71
The Elm

French • Williamsburg

Food25 Decor23 Service24 Cost$91
Lincoln Ristorante

Italian • West 60s

Food25 Decor26 Service25 Cost$84
ABC Cocina

Nuevo Latino • Flatiron

Food24 Decor24 Service22 Cost$58

American • East Village

Food24 Decor15 Service21 Cost$62
Locanda Verde

Italian • TriBeCa

Food24 Decor22 Service20 Cost$64
MP Taverna

Greek • Astoria

Food24 Decor22 Service23 Cost$44

Italian • East 80s

Food24 Decor14 Service21 Cost$73
North End Grill

American • Battery Park City

Food24 Decor23 Service24 Cost$74
db Bistro Moderne

French • West 40s

Food24 Decor21 Service23 Cost$70
The Spotted Pig

British • West Village

Food24 Decor19 Service19 Cost$54
The Lion

American • Greenwich Village

Food24 Decor23 Service20 Cost$76

Italian • Flatiron

Food24 Decor19 Service22 Cost$70
Pok Pok Ny

Thai • Columbia Street Waterfront District

Food24 Decor14 Service19 Cost$41

East 60s

Food24 Decor20 Service23 Cost$75
Le Périgord

French • East 50s

Food24 Decor21 Service25 Cost$83
Lupa Osteria Romana

Italian • Greenwich Village

Food24 Decor18 Service22 Cost$63

French • West Village

Food24 Decor21 Service20 Cost$46
Spice Market

Asian • Meatpacking District

Food24 Decor27 Service22 Cost$67
Casa Mono

Spanish • Gramercy Park

Food24 Decor18 Service20 Cost$58
David Burke Fishtail

Seafood • East 60s

Food24 Decor23 Service22 Cost$67
Bar Boulud

French • West 60s

Food24 Decor20 Service22 Cost$64

Laotian • TriBeCa

Food24 Decor19 Service21 Cost$59
The Breslin

British • Nomad

Food24 Decor22 Service18 Cost$53

New American • Bushwick

Food24 Decor21 Service26 Cost$223

Indian • Flatiron

Food23 Decor21 Service20 Cost$54
Bouchon Bakery

American • West 40s

Food23 Decor15 Service18 Cost$30
OTTO Enoteca e Pizzeria

Italian • Greenwich Village

Food23 Decor19 Service19 Cost$41
The Dutch

American • SoHo

Food23 Decor20 Service20 Cost$62

American • East 80s

Food23 Decor26 Service21 Cost$94

Seafood • West 70s

Food23 Decor18 Service22 Cost$52

French • Murray Hill

Food23 Decor21 Service21 Cost$56
Empellón Cocina

Mexican • East Village

Food23 Decor19 Service20 Cost$55
Benoit Bistro

French • West 50s

Food23 Decor22 Service21 Cost$66
Morso Restaurant & Cafe

Italian • East 50s

Food23 Decor22 Service23 Cost$65

Greek • West 80s

Food23 Decor17 Service19 Cost$40

Mexican • East 40s

Food23 Decor19 Service20 Cost$59

American • Flatiron

Food23 Decor19 Service22 Cost$57
Má Pêche

New American • West 50s

Food23 Decor18 Service21 Cost$68
momofuku noodle bar

East Village

Food23 Decor17 Service20 Cost$39
Bar Americain

American • West 50s

Food23 Decor22 Service23 Cost$66
Bouchon Bakery

American • West 50s

Food23 Decor15 Service18 Cost$30

New American • Prospect Heights

Food23 Decor20 Service23 Cost$80
Mission Chinese Food

Chinese • Lower East Side

Food23 Decor13 Service17 Cost$34

Italian • East Village

Food23 Decor16 Service21 Cost$50
La Mangeoire

French • East 50s

Food23 Decor20 Service21 Cost$60
Red Gravy

Italian • Brooklyn Heights

Food23 Decor20 Service21 Cost$55

Seafood • Meatpacking District

Food23 Decor22 Service20 Cost$73

New American • East Village

Food22 Decor19 Service21 Cost$63
Cafe Sabarsky

Austrian • East 80s

Food22 Decor24 Service19 Cost$43

Mexican • Chelsea

Food22 Decor16 Service20 Cost$48

Italian • West 80s

Food22 Decor21 Service21 Cost$72
M. Wells Steakhouse

Steakhouse • Long Island City

Food22 Decor19 Service21 Cost$90
Fatty Crab

Malaysian • Meatpacking District

Food22 Decor14 Service18 Cost$45
Ça Va

French • West 40s

Food22 Decor20 Service20 Cost$59
DBGB Kitchen and Bar

French • East Village

Food22 Decor22 Service21 Cost$57
Back Forty West

Burger • SoHo

Food22 Decor19 Service21 Cost$44
Blaue Gans

Austrian • TriBeCa

Food22 Decor18 Service20 Cost$55
The Plaza Food Hall

Eclectic • West 50s

Food22 Decor20 Service17 Cost$40
Food22 Decor24 Service20 Cost$62
Red Rooster Harlem

American • Harlem

Food22 Decor22 Service21 Cost$54
The General

Lower East Side

Food22 Decor22 Service20 Cost$66
The Lambs Club

American • West 40s

Food22 Decor24 Service23 Cost$78
Salvation Taco

Mexican • Murray Hill

Food21 Decor20 Service15 Cost$41
Ginny's Supper Club

New American • Harlem

Food21 Decor24 Service21 Cost$49
The Vanderbilt

American • Prospect Heights

Food21 Decor21 Service19 Cost$44
The John Dory Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar • Nomad

Food21 Decor19 Service17 Cost$61

Sandwich Shop • East Village

Food21 Decor8 Service16 Cost$18

New American • NoHo

Food21 Decor20 Service19 Cost$61
The Mercer Kitchen

American • SoHo

Food21 Decor21 Service19 Cost$59
Arlington Club

Steakhouse • East 70s

Food21 Decor22 Service20 Cost$82

Peruvian • Flatiron

Food21 Decor22 Service21 Cost$53

East 50s

Food20 Decor14 Service18 Cost$40
Mission Cantina

Mexican • Lower East Side

Food20 Decor14 Service17 Cost$30
South Gate

American • West 50s

Food20 Decor21 Service20 Cost$73

Latin American • East 40s

Food20 Decor21 Service20 Cost$56
AÑEJO Restaurant

Mexican • West 40s

Food19 Decor17 Service17 Cost$40

Sandwich Shop • Chelsea

Food19 Decor13 Service16 Cost$16
The Butterfly


Food19 Decor16 Service17 Cost$52
Pork Slope

Barbecue • Park Slope

Food19 Decor16 Service17 Cost$29
A.G. Kitchen

Latin American • West 70s

Food19 Decor17 Service17 Cost$36

Sandwich Shop • TriBeCa

Food19 Decor13 Service16 Cost$16

Sandwich Shop • Greenwich Village

Food19 Decor13 Service16 Cost$16

Sandwich Shop • East 40s

Food19 Decor13 Service16 Cost$16

Pizza • East Village

Food19 Decor16 Service19 Cost$33

American • East 50s

Food19 Decor18 Service17 Cost$53
Bill's Food and Drink

American • East 50s

Food18 Decor19 Service20 Cost$50
The Library at the Public

American • Greenwich Village

Food18 Decor21 Service18 Cost$55
Guy's American Kitchen & Bar

American • West 40s

Food13 Decor16 Service16 Cost$41
David Burke fabrick

American • West 30s

Food- Decor- Service- CostE