West 70s neighborhoods

Stuart Weitzman

Shoe Store • West 70s

Quality28 Appeal26 Service24 CostE
Acker Merrall & Condit Company

Liquor Store • West 70s

Quality28 Appeal23 Service25 CostE

Bakery • West 70s

Quality28 Appeal18 Service23 CostI
Jacques Torres Chocolate

Chocolate Shop • West 70s

Quality28 Appeal26 Service23 CostM

Luggage Store • West 70s

Quality28 Appeal24 Service24 CostVE
Lululemon Athletica

Sportswear Store • West 70s

Quality27 Appeal23 Service25 CostE
Knitty City

Hobby Store • West 70s

Quality27 Appeal22 Service27 CostM
Quality27 Appeal26 Service23 CostM
Bra Smyth

Lingerie Store • West 70s

Quality27 Appeal17 Service23 CostE

American • West 70s

Food27 Decor24 Service24 Cost$93
Helmut Lang

Clothing Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal25 Service25 CostE

Cosmetics Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal22 Service24 CostE
AG Upper West Side

Clothing Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal24 Service22 CostE
Alexis Bittar

Jewelry Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal26 Service24 CostE
Barneys New York, Broadway

Department Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal22 Service19 CostE
Malia Mills

Swimwear Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal18 Service25 CostE
Gari Columbus

Japanese • West 70s

Food26 Decor16 Service22 Cost$96
The Art of Shaving

Barber Shop • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal24 Service25 CostE
JackRabbit Sports

Sporting Goods Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal22 Service27 CostM

Gourmet Grocery Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal24 Service22 CostM

West 70s

Quality26 Appeal23 Service19 CostE
Quality26 Appeal17 Service24 CostM

Womens Clothing Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal24 Service24 CostE

Baby Store • West 70s

Quality26 Appeal24 Service24 CostE

West 70s

Quality25 Appeal20 Service18 CostE
Fairway Market 74th Street

Supermarket • West 70s

Quality25 Appeal19 Service18 CostM
Grandaisy Bakery

Bakery • West 70s

Quality25 Appeal19 Service21 CostI
Design Within Reach

Furniture Store • West 70s

Quality25 Appeal23 Service20 CostE

Cosmetics Store • West 70s

Quality25 Appeal24 Service24 CostM
Tip Top Shoes

Shoe Store • West 70s

Quality25 Appeal17 Service21 CostE
Tip Top Kids

Shoe Store • West 70s

Quality25 Appeal19 Service25 CostM
Mille-feuille Bakery Cafe

Bakery • West 70s

Quality25 Appeal18 Service23 Cost 

Chinese • West 70s

Food25 Decor18 Service21 Cost$54
Paige Denim

Clothing Store • West 70s

Quality25 Appeal22 Service24 CostE
Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

Italian • West 70s

Food24 Decor17 Service19 Cost$59
Z'Baby Company

Baby Clothing Store • West 70s

Quality24 Appeal18 Service19 CostE

Italian • West 70s

Food24 Decor21 Service22 Cost$65
16 Handles

Frozen Yogurt Shop • West 70s

Food24 Decor20 Service21 Cost$11

Wine Store • West 70s

Quality24 Appeal27 Service28 CostM

Italian • West 70s

Food24 Decor16 Service19 Cost$32
Janovic Paint & Decorating Centers

Paint Store • West 70s

Quality23 Appeal18 Service19 CostM
Ocean Grill

Seafood • West 70s

Food23 Decor21 Service22 Cost$60

Seafood • West 70s

Food23 Decor18 Service22 Cost$52
Saravanaa Bhavan

Indian • West 70s

Food23 Decor9 Service13 Cost$27
Jonathan Adler

Home Goods Store • West 70s

Quality23 Appeal24 Service21 CostE
Trader Joe's

Grocery Store • West 70s

Quality23 Appeal20 Service22 CostM
Piccolo Cafe

Italian • West 70s

Food23 Decor18 Service20 Cost$29

Shoe Store • West 70s

Quality22 Appeal17 Service19 CostM
Caffe Storico

Italian • West 70s

Food22 Decor20 Service20 Cost$56
Gray's Papaya

Hot Dog • West 70s

Food22 Decor6 Service16 Cost$7
Scaletta Ristorante

Italian • West 70s

Food22 Decor20 Service23 Cost$60

West 70s

Food22 Decor14 Service19 Cost$34
Coppola's West

Italian • West 70s

Food21 Decor17 Service20 Cost$44
Shake Shack

Fast Food • West 70s

Food21 Decor12 Service15 Cost$16

Coffee Shop • West 70s

Food21 Decor16 Service17 Cost$12
Club Monaco

Clothing Store • West 70s

Quality21 Appeal23 Service20 CostM
Tolani Wine Restaurant

Tapas • West 70s

Food21 Decor20 Service21 Cost$56
Cafe Luxembourg

French • West 70s

Food21 Decor19 Service20 Cost$56
Hummus Place

Mediterranean • West 70s

Food21 Decor10 Service18 Cost$22
Maoz Vegetarian

Vegetarian • West 70s

Food21 Decor9 Service15 Cost$12
Patsy's Pizzeria

Italian • West 70s

Food21 Decor12 Service16 Cost$27
Pomodoro Rosso

Italian • West 70s

Food21 Decor16 Service21 Cost$46

Chinese • West 70s

Food20 Decor13 Service15 Cost$29

Japanese • West 70s

Food20 Decor15 Service18 Cost$36
Bistro Cassis

French • West 70s

Food20 Decor17 Service18 Cost$50

Italian • West 70s

Food20 Decor16 Service20 Cost$49
Pasha Restaurant

Turkish • West 70s

Food20 Decor18 Service20 Cost$43
GreenFlea Market

Flea Market • West 70s

Quality20 Appeal17 Service21 CostM
Boat Basin Café

Bar And Grill • West 70s

Atmo.20 Decor24 Service21 CostM
Alice's Tea Cup

Tea House • West 70s

Food20 Decor22 Service20 Cost$27

Burger • West 70s

Food20 Decor13 Service16 Cost$20

Mediterranean • West 70s

Food20 Decor18 Service19 Cost$49
Housing Works Thrift Shops

Thrift Store • West 70s

Quality20 Appeal18 Service16 CostI
Café Frida

Mexican • West 70s

Food19 Decor16 Service18 Cost$44
Aroma Espresso Bar

Coffee Shop • West 70s

Food19 Decor14 Service15 Cost$16
Nice Matin

French • West 70s

Food19 Decor17 Service18 Cost$47

Eclectic • West 70s

Food19 Decor14 Service18 Cost$39
Food19 Decor17 Service20 Cost$37
A.G. Kitchen

Latin American • West 70s

Food19 Decor17 Service17 Cost$36
Grand Sichuan

Chinese • West 70s

Food19 Decor9 Service14 Cost$29
Riposo 72

Italian • West 70s

Food18 Decor15 Service19 Cost$37
Serafina Upper West Side

Italian • West 70s

Food18 Decor16 Service16 Cost$45
Le Pain Quotidien

Breakfast • West 70s

Food18 Decor15 Service15 Cost$25
Arte Cafe

Italian • West 70s

Food18 Decor16 Service17 Cost$40

Sushi • West 70s

Food18 Decor17 Service17 Cost$40

Indian • West 70s

Food17 Decor15 Service18 Cost$35

Italian • West 70s

Food16 Decor14 Service16 Cost$38
Cafe Tallulah

French • West 70s

Food15 Decor19 Service15 Cost$50

Cocktail Bar • West 70s

Atmo.- Decor- Service- CostI
Manhattan Cricket Club

Bar • West 70s

Atmo.- Decor- Service- CostM
Box Kite Coffee

Coffee Shop • West 70s

Food- Decor- Service- CostI

Mediterranean • West 70s

Food- Decor- Service- CostM
Sugar and Plumm

Chocolate Shop • West 70s

Quality- Appeal- Service- CostM
Maison Kayser UWS

Bakery • West 70s

Quality- Appeal- Service- CostM
Burke & Wills

West 70s

Food- Decor- Service- CostM
Lincoln Square Steak

Steakhouse • West 70s

Food- Decor- Service- CostE