Best Restaurants in LIC/Sunnyside/Woodside

Local Love
February 27, 2016
by Zagat Staff

Eat top-tier cuisine at these Long Island, Sunnyside, and Woodside restaurants.

Corner Bistro
Burger · West Village · $
Food 4.1 · Decor 3.0 · Service 3.5

“Memorable” , “messy” burgers dished out on paper plates in “sticky booths” make for classic “slumming” at this “dingy” Village perennial (with a slightly “nicer” LIC spin-off); “cheap beer” , “long waits” and “student crowds” are all part of the timelessly “cool” experience, as are the late-night hours.
Manducatis Rustica
Italian · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.3 · Decor 3.7 · Service 4.0

A “solid” spin-off two blocks away from the LIC staple Manducatis, this ”neighborhood” Italian turns out “excellent” pizza and homemade gelato in the same “deeply authentic” vein; while the old-style setting is less of a draw, at least it’s “as nice as the original.”
Casa Enrique
Mexican · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.5 · Decor 3.7 · Service 4.0

A “fresh take on Mexican” , this LIC sib to Cafe Henri is a “hidden” local “favorite” for “incredible” regional cooking crafted with a “complex” , Chiapas-style “twist” and “served with a smile” for “reasonable” pesos; the cantinalike quarters may seem “sparse” , but “it’s not about the decor.”
French · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.3 · Decor 3.5 · Service 4.0

For a taste of “Paris in Queens” , check out this “convivial” LIC bistro offering “magnifique” French fare at “easy-on-the-pocketbook” rates; yes, the “cramped space” means “you really have to like your neighbor” , but the “warm welcome” from a “most pleasant” staff compensates.
Asian · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.0 · Decor 4.3 · Service 4.0

“Fantastic views of the NYC skyline” combine with “tasteful” Pan-Asian cuisine and “amazing cocktails” at this “upscale” LIC high-rise dweller; since it's “stronger than most in the area” , insiders advise reserving in advance.
Café Henri
Long Island City · $$
Food 4.0 · Decor 3.4 · Service 3.5

This all-day “slice of Paris” in LIC supplies “simple” French bites ( “get the crêpes!” ) at an agreeable “quality-to-price ratio” ; it's also “relaxed” jour et nuit “if you need a place to chat.”
Manetta's Ristorante
Italian · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.4 · Decor 3.7 · Service 4.0

“Go with family” to this LIC “favorite” , a “friendly” “neighborhood staple” offering “excellent” wood-fired brick-oven pizza and “everyday Italian” eats likened to “mom’s cooking” ; while rather “dated” in the decor department, it’s “affordable” and has a fireplace that’s perfect on a “cold winter’s night.”
Italian · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.3 · Decor 3.7 · Service 4.0

“You expect Tony Bennett to arrive” any minute at this “warm” , “family-run” LIC Italian supplying “wonderful” “homestyle” fare and wines from a “deep” list (plus there's the “scaled-down” Rustica offshoot focusing on pizza and gelato); yes, the look may be “dated” , but fans say that only “adds to the charm.”
Hibino LIC
Japanese · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.5 · Decor 3.5 · Service 4.0

“Fresh-as-one-can-get” sushi vies for the spotlight with the “daily changing” obanzai (small plates) and “compelling” housemade tofu at these “unusual” , Kyoto-style Japanese eateries; “budget-friendly” tabs and “unobtrusive” service embellish the “subdued” mood.
Mu Ramen
Japanese · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.5 · Decor 4.1 · Service 4.1

“Transcendent slurping” lures noodle enthusiasts to this LIC cash-only ramen shop serving “amazing” bowls and “innovative” Japanese apps; unsurprisingly, the “tight” quarters are “often jam-packed” , while the no-rezzie rule causes “daunting” waits.
Ayada Thai
Thai · Elmhurst · $$
Food 4.5 · Decor 3.2 · Service 3.7

“Spicy means spicy” at this “friendly” Elmhurst Thai whose “uncompromising” dishes pack “powerful flavors” and come at a “fair price” ; the “humble” storefront space gets “crowded” with “lines out the door” at prime times, but a recent expansion has added a bit of elbow room.
Donovan's Pub
Brunch · Woodside · $$
Food 4.0 · Decor 3.7 · Service 4.0

“Something-for-everyone” menus draw the “family” trade to these separately owned Queens Americans lauded for “perfect” hamburgers along with “solid” , “Irish-tinged” pub grub; “bargain” tabs and “pleasant” service come with the territory.
Thai · Woodside · $$
Food 4.5 · Decor 3.4 · Service 3.7

Worth the “trek," this Woodside “holy grail of Thai food” (with a Williamsburg branch) offers an “enormous choice” of “memorable” dishes at varied heat levels ( “make sure you really mean it if you ask for ‘very spicy’” ); although cash-only with “perfunctory” service and decor, it's affordable and “out-of-this-world.”
Italian · Long Island City · $$
Food 4.5 · Decor 4.5 · Service 4.5

With “first-rate” fare from Rocco Sacramone (Trattoria L'incontro) and “stunning” skyline views, this Italian “sleeper” on the LIC waterfront delivers an “exceptional” Queens experience; “attentive” service, an “inviting” rustic-chic space and a patio are other reasons many swear it’s “worth the drive from the city.”