Best for Mexican in the Mission

March 3, 2017
by Zagat Staff

It doesn't have to be a mission to find the best Mexican food in this neighborhood.

La Taqueria
Mexican · The Mission · $
Food 4.6 · Decor 3.2 · Service 3.9

For over 40 years, this "true original" in the Mission has been churning out affordable, "delicious" Mexican meals including "awesome tacos" and burritos (they're "traditional" , so "they don't have rice" ); "seating is scarce" in the "no-frills" space, so prepare for "constant lines" – though the "speedy" counter staff keeps them moving.
Mexican · The Mission · $$
Food 4.5 · Decor 4.4 · Service 4.2

This "quirky" Mission "date spot" draws steadily at both dinner and brunch with its "amazing" small plates showcasing Californian "twists" on traditional Mexican dishes; "relatively reasonable" tabs and "colorful, kitschy" digs with an agave cocktail bar add to the allure.
Taqueria La Cumbre
Mexican · The Mission · $
Food 4.4 · Decor 3.5 · Service 4.1

Satisfied customers "wouldn't buy a burrito anywhere else" but these "real-deal" taquerias where "huge portions" of Mexican food go for "reasonable" sums "; service is " fun and fast " even now that " everyone knows about " them, so " don't be intimidated " by the " hole-in-the-wall" digs.
Mexican · The Mission · $$$$
Food 4.4 · Decor 4.2 · Service 4.3

"Every morsel" is "unique and elegant" at this elevated Mission Mexican, a former pop-up showcasing "marvelous" modern cuisine on an "amazing" nightly tasting menu presented by a "convivial" staff; the high-end prices fall in line with a small but swanky interior boasting tufted amber banquettes, chandeliers and colorful prints.
Taqueria Cancun
Mexican · The Mission · $
Food 4.4 · Decor 3.1 · Service 4.0

"Plump" , "satisfying" burritos and "super" tacos are the main draws at these "solid" taquerias offering "one of the best-value meals in SF" ; sure, the atmosphere is "no-frills" , but "cheap" tabs, "quick" service from folks who "know what they're doing" and late-night hours help compensate.