Best Restaurants in the East 70s

October 25, 2016
by Zagat Staff

Here are the top-rated restaurants in the East 70s. 

Cafe Boulud
French · East 70s · $$$$
Food 4.6 · Decor 4.5 · Service 4.5

A "timeless" Daniel Boulud "success story" , this "classy" UES "mainstay" impresses with "invariably artful" French fare served by an "expert staff" in "subdued" , "grown-up" surroundings; the "high standards" are "worth every nickel" , though the prix fixe lunch remains "a relative bargain."
Sushi · East 70s · $$$$
Food 4.5 · Decor 3.2 · Service 4.1

Sushi "masters" craft "absurdly delicious" "works of art" at this UES Japanese from Kenji Takahashi, a "tiny" hideaway known for both à la carte options and an "incredible" omakase experience; though the "decor’s very basic" , sampling the "first-class fish" requires "really deep pockets."
Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar
Japanese · East 70s · $$$
Food 4.5 · Decor 3.0 · Service 4.1

Known for "fantastic" omakase-only meals at "bang-for-the-buck" prices, this "hole-in-the-wall" Yorkville Japanese racks up the "wows" with an "excellent assortment of fish and preparations" ; yes, the seating is "tight" , but the BYO policy is a "nice bonus."
Sushi of Gari
Japanese · East 70s · $$$$
Food 4.5 · Decor 3.5 · Service 4.1

The "out-of-body" omakase experience "never fails to amaze" at these Japanese "standard-bearers" from Gari Sugio, long known for their "sublime bites" of "imaginative sushi" ; the "cramped" quarters and "plain decor" are less impressive, but regulars advise "just open your wallet" and "eat at the bar."
Orwashers Bakery
Bakery · East 70s · $
Food 4.5 · Decor 3.2 · Service 4.0

A "traditional" kosher bakery "the way it should be" , this circa-1916 UES vet and its UWS spin-off offer "outstanding" Jewish-style loaves ( "best raisin-pumpernickel ever" , "off-the-charts challah" ) and sweet "treats galore" , including custom-filled jelly donuts that some could "kill for" ; while the original has "an old-time" feel, the newer locale is more modern with seats and expanded offerings (sandwiches, salads).
Sable's Smoked Fish
East 70s · $$
Food 4.5 · Decor 2.7 · Service 3.7

At this UES appetizing "institution" you’ll find "unbelievable" smoked fish, "mile high" pastrami sandwiches and "unmatched" lobster and whitefish salads, plus a "helpful" staff known for "giving out little noshes" ; despite pricing that may require "missing this month’s rent" , the space is "no-frills" , so plan to "grab and run."
Italian · East 70s · $$$$
Food 4.4 · Decor 4.4 · Service 4.4

More than "just dining out" , this "refined" UES Italian is a "special-occasion" nexus owing to its "sophisticated" cooking, "flawless" service and "exquisite" modern setting; "money is no object" for most of its "mature" fan base, though frugal folks find the prix fixe lunch quite "enticing."