Miami's Best for Cheating on Your Diet


Even the most disciplined among us have to indulge every now and then. Here are the places in Miami that are well worth the calorie count.

  • Steakhouse South Beach
    Red, the Steakhouse - Miami Beach Map 119 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Florida | 305-534-3688
    Food26 Decor24 Service24 Cost$81

    No surprise here: it's all about the steak. Carnivores can choose from a dizzying array of cuts and even add a little surf to their turf if the mood strikes.

  • American Upper East Side
    Blue Collar Map 6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida | 305-756-0366
    Food25 Decor16 Service23 Cost$35

    With plenty of options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike (and a Heath Bar Bread Pudding that every person can agree on), this is some equal opportunity feasting.

  • Sushi Miami Beach
    Pubbelly Sushi Map 1424 20th Street, Miami Beach, Florida | 305-531-9282
    Food24 Decor19 Service22 Cost$46

    A far cry from your standard sushi joint, the menu is packed with words like "tempura," "butter," "cream cheese," "truffle oil," "spicy mayo," and "pork belly." In other words, deliciousness.

  • American South Beach
    Barton G. The Restaurant Map 1427 West Ave, Miami Beach, Florida | 305-672-8881
    Food23 Decor26 Service23 Cost$81

    If you're going to break your diet, it should be as fun as possible, right? With props, sparklers, and other one-of-a-kind presentation methods, the experience here is as rich as the food.

  • American Little Haiti
    The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions Map 5132 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida | 305-758-9559
    Food23 Decor19 Service21 Cost$42

    We won't argue with ending your diet (and the day) with pig wings or fried mac 'n' cheese, but when a weekend menu includes crab hash and "Biskits 'n' Gravy," a case must be made for brunch being the biggest meal of the day.

  • Italian South Beach
    Prime Italian Map 101 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, Florida | 305-695-8484
    Food23 Decor21 Service22 Cost$83

    The only thing better than an excellent meal is a lot of it. Expect generous portions of pasta, pizza, seafood, and of course, steak. The 48-oz. porterhouse says it's for two, but we won't judge you.

  • Barbecue Wynwood
    Pride and Joy BBQ Map 2800 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida | 305-456-9548
    Food23 Decor22 Service21 Cost$27

    There's nothing like a plate of barbecue to make you forget why you ever went on a diet in the first place. With everything from burnt ends to hushpuppies, we suggest ordering liberally and maybe -- just maybe -- inviting a few friends to share.

  • Barbecue Hialeah
    Uncle Tom's BBQ Map 2200 Palm Ave, Hialeah, Florida | 786-803-8879
    Food- Decor- Service- CostM