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Philadelphia's Best Sports Bars

Say what you will about Philadelphia sports fans, there's no doubting their die-hard allegiance to their teams. Whether it's sitting in a snowy stadium or sweating through a mid-summer game, rooting for the home team requires serious sustenance (really good wings) and proper hydration (plenty of beers). Here's a look at some of the best places to catch the game.

Alla Spina

ItalianSpring Garden

The Vetri Family’s North Broad birreria is something of a hidden gem when it comes to game watching. Never overly crowded, the square bar offers great TV views, intriguing brews and a menu of refined pub grub (poutine, beer cheese topped pretzel cheesesteaks, sharable buckets of chicken).

1410 Mt. Vernon St.; 215-600-0017

Chickie's & Pete's

South Philadelphia

If you're in the market for a uniquely Philly experience, this sports mecca by the stadiums has it all. There's a jumbotron-sized TV, seating for hundreds and a couple Philadelphia bar food staples you won't see anywhere else. Try crack ‘em yourself steamed blue crabs, lobster topped pizza and crinkle-cut fries dusted with bay seasoning and sidecars of Cheez Wiz. 

1526 Packer Ave.; 215-218-0500

Stogie Joe's Tavern

AmericanEast Passyunk Crossing

This upside down pizza place and pub is a South Philly institution — and one of the most comfortable places to catch the game on Passyunk Avenue. Individual plates of pasta and sandwiches are available, but why bother when you can share frosty pitchers of Yards Philadelphia pale ale and square slices of sausage and broccoli rabe topped pie?

1801 E. Passyunk Ave.; 215-463-3030

Garage Fishtown


An expansive selection of canned brews and Skee-Ball are only half of the appeal at this grown-up clubhouse. A rotating cast of chefs takes over the indoor food cart, catering a bespoke menu each evening. Garage has hosted everything from Top Chef pop-ups to build-your-own burrito night; there's also the occasional Korean fried chicken and vegetarian pho.

1231-1233 E Passyunk Ave.; 215-278-2429

Varga Bar

Washington Square West

Occupying a corner of the city not exactly known for its rabid sports fans, this Midtown Village cocktail den takes bar food faves and gives them the Uptown treatment. In lieu of Buffalo sauce, wings here are glazed with a spicy pomegranate molasses, cheese fries are finished with lump crab and fontina béchamel and a Kobe beef chili-cheese dog is crowned with smoked paprika aïoli and beer battered onion rings.

941 Spruce St.; 215-627-5100

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