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"Refined" Northern Indian cooking with "wonderful spices" turns up at this "popular" mini-chain that’s touted for its "best-bet lunch buffet" and "out-of-this-world butter chicken" ; some report it’s "a little pricey" , but compensations include generally "solid service" , "modern" decor and "easy" atmospherics.
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location 25 Yerba Buena Lane, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA phone +1 415-777-0500 website directions Get Directions
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I've always liked this little cluster of restaurants in the Yerba Buena area because it seems a bit more serene from the hustle of market street and is quite nice overall. I stopped in after work with a friend as we both heard great reviews of Amber. As it is an Indian restaurant, the strong Indian spice smell immediately wafted in your face. The restaurant had nice decor and was a bit dimly lit so it would make for a great date spot. My friend and I started off with an order of the naan. It was quite good as isn't wasn't too oily and was a good accompaniment to the sauces in our entrees. We got a curry lamb dish and a curry chicken dish which were both excellent. The portions were really generous too as we had leftovers to go. Other than a lingering smell on our clothes after the dinner, the overall food and experience were great.
Jennifer Lo · November 20, 2017
I've passed this restaurant on numerous occasions. It's a shame that I've gone so long not enjoying this wonderful place! While visiting San Francisco, I encourage you to make the right decision and try the Butter Chicken (one of the best I've ever had). Not only was the food top notch, but the service was terrific. Our waitress Galina and the supporting staff all contributed to a great evening. I'll be visiting this location again on my next trip to San Francisco.
Jonathan Adkins · August 21, 2017
I stopped here because of the great reviews, but although the food was pretty good, there were a few things that caught me off guard that made me give this place a 3: Mango Juice was very obviously watered down. Two people got a glass, and we both independently noticed that there was water added to the juice. It didn't mix well, and half the glass ended up as mostly water in the end. The dishes didn't come with rice. A saag dish isn't eaten without rice, yet it didn't come with rice by default. I had to order an extra dish of rice at $4 per dish, whereas it should've come with a little rice. I've never been to an Indian restaurant where rice wasn't served with the main dish (even if you ordered a dry dish), so it was irritating not only to have to wait an extra 5-10 minutes for a bowl of rice to come out, but to have to pay extra for something that is culturally standard for the food. Other than those two things, the service and food was 4/5, ambiance was 5/5, and the value for the meal was 2/5.
James Sidell · December 4, 2017