Antoine's Restaurant
Classic French-Creole fare since 1840
French · French Quarter · $$$
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"No New Orleans trip is complete" without a "sumptuous" French-Creole meal at this "classic of all classics" (established 1840) "in the heart of the French Quarter" , where "oysters Rockefeller was invented" ; the "elegant" setting is "composed of many rooms" that boast "museum-quality artifacts" ( "ask for a guided tour" ), so even if prices are thoroughly modern, everything else is a "throwback to a more gracious time" ; P.S. Sunday is brunch only.
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location 713 Saint Louis Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA phone +1 504-581-4422 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Excellent service. The food was good though perhaps not as good as what I had built up in my mind. The oysters Rockefeller fell short perhaps because I was expecting an out of body experience. I got the lunch special of tomato basil soup and seafood and grits. Both were good. The atmosphere was steeped in history. Overall it was well worth it.
Two Trees · April 4, 2018
Had the Sunday brunch, not a bad price for what you get. Service was pretty bad, definitely the C team for bunch service, which is surprising. Waiters had multiple layers on, which you could visibility see them sweating and the beats of sweat dripping down their faces. Definitely gross for server's, but we did feel bad since it was warm and they were layered up. We just took our items from them. The meals were hot and the 3 discounted drinks that came with brunch, was a lemon drop. It was decent, tho sugary. Best part of the meal was the oysters and bread pudding. If I were to dine here again, I'd probably just go for the oysters.
Lauren Suter · April 12, 2018
Antoine's was a cool experience because of the building, history, etc. The place is palatial, so you feel a bit like you're eating in a food hall and it was hard to converse with a large group and still hear one another. The food was very good, but for the price and in comparison to the food we had at Brennan's, we were a bit underwhelmed. Additionally, you can eat more cheaply at Commander's Palace, which has similar food, larger portions and similar historical significance. Do see the wine cellar if you go - it's amazing.
Leah Strout · April 2, 2018