Artichoke Pizza
Petite storefront with late hours
Pizza · Gramercy Park · $
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“Messy but delicious” , the “monster” namesake slices topped with “gooey” , “creamy” artichoke dip are a “force to be reckoned with” at this “popular” pizzeria mini-chain; it’s “no-frills” and a popular pick when “late-night munchies” hit, so expect “long lines even in the early morning hours.”
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hours Open Today · 11:00 AM - 4:00 AM
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location 321 East 14th Street, New York, NY 10003, USA phone +1 212-228-2004 website directions Get Directions
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To start we love Artichoke Pizza on a whole but tonight we visited this location, the guy working was amazing to say the least. Unfortunately I forgot his name but he was working a Sunday late night shift, he gave our friend a slice just because she was so upset plus it was her birthday! On top of that he was so upbeat and sweet throughout the entire time that we were ordering “millions” of slices and such. Hands down one of the best experiences at this location!
Kaitlyn Snipes · January 29, 2018
We came here after a long night of drinking. Our friend (who’s birthday it was) was a little inebriated and was crying, and an employee came over and gave her a free slice of artichoke pizza. It was heaven sent and much appreciated. Employees were all very nice and the food is always good! Thanks for another memorable ending to an interesting night.
Kim Page · January 29, 2018
Great pizza, terrible customer service. I ordered one pepperoni, and instead I received a crab pizza. I understand mistakes happen, so when I realized this I asked the clerk if he can correct my order. He said there is no pepperoni. I asked why he didn't tell me that instead of giving me the wrong order, and he repeated himself saying there is no pepperoni and in a loud voice commented that there is money back either (not once during our exchange I asked for my money back). Trying to find a solution, i asked if I could have a different pizza, and he agreed saying that I must pay the difference. I was glad we came to terms, but then he proceeded with his hands to shoo me away and in a very loud voice so the entire store could hear asked me to go in the back of the line to order again. I understand the frustration of dealing with drunk people, but I was sober and clear with the tone of my voice. I work as a manager in retail, and understand how sometimes customers are unreasonable, but I presented myself with a positive attitude because mistakes happen, plus I was having a good night and excited to have a pizza at artichoke's. His attitude was terrible, and I left the establishment without my money, and without my pepperoni pizza. If I return to this establishment and see again that tall guy with the long hair, I will go instead to the halal brothers next door. But again, the pizza here is amazing.
Franklyn Franco · January 21, 2018