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Dominique Crenn "stretches the boundaries" of French cooking at this Cow Hollow "treat" , where the "spectacular" tasting menu and "elegantly orchestrated" service are like "a piece of performance art" that makes foodies "swear they’ve died and gone to culinary heaven" ; with only a "low-key, natural" setting and a chef-penned poem to introduce the "enchanted evening" , it’s a "memorable" way "to be surprised at every course" – even at "once-in-a-lifetime" prices.
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5:00 PM - 9:15 PM
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I'm very conflicted writing this. I've watched the documentary, I enjoyed making friends with the staff and I loved that Dominique Crenn came out to chat to us several times. I wanted to love this meal. But I can't quite bring myself to recommend somebody go. The food was creative but hit or miss - a few courses were oddly sour and acidic. There were highlights too - the cider aperitif was lovely and surprising, the steak great and desserts we're some of the best I've had in a tasting menu. The bread was also incredible. Something didn't add up though. The desserts - traditional Mexican themed - didn't fit at all with the rest of the menu and felt like a bolt-on. There was nothing tying the menu together aside from a poem that was quickly forgotten about. I would recommend this place if the price was lower. But when you're paying that much, and you set the expectations that high, then you've got to deliver. And the food fell short.
David Tattersall · November 7, 2017
The service was impeccable and Chef Crenn appeared and generous to personally greet each table. My only issue was the menu. I went know Jan. 3, 2018, And each dish (non-desert) was fish. This was underwhelming at best, and actually disappointing. Yes, the dishes were thoughtful and well executed, but I would have liked to have experienced more of her skills with other type of proteins. Also, one plate was a fish cake with some gel in the middle. It was so fishy that it blew out my palate.
Amber Ramos · January 9, 2018
Unbelievable! A walk in the forest, only deliciously edible. Service was beyond and yet casual. Amazing!
Kenneth Martin · January 2, 2018