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The Zagat Review
Presenting a “healthy” “alternative” to the typical fast-food burger joint, this “casual” locally born chain “prides itself” on local sourcing of “wholesome” “farm-to-table” ingredients for “tasty” fare that’s “a few grades above your drive-thru favorites” and “worth the higher” (yet still “appropriate” ) prices; sure, the “generic” “cafeteria” decor “lacks” , but with “handy” locations around town, it’s a “workhorse” for “quick grab-and-go meals.”
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location 655 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116, USA phone +1 617-927-8333 website www.bgood.com directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
We chose this for our first meal in Boston during a recent visit to the city, mainly because of the good reviews. And we couldn't agree more. The food is flavorful and filling and was priced fairly. We also liked the cozy and non-intimidating vibe of the store. The store also has some neat things on display. One is a small greenhouse by the dining area where they grow the mint used on their food. Another is a sign by the entrance that shows where they source their ingredients for the day - from Sharon, MA to Monroe, NH. Great to see them promoting their local partners. Will definitely come back next time we're in the city!
G Aquino · January 9, 2018
Vegan friendly menu, polite staff though the one request I had, to put a chopped veggie burger on the salad, was only half fulfilled -- they forgot to chop it, which made it harder to eat when I got home and noticed. The place is wheelchair accessible except a non-automatic door that was very difficult to get into even with two strangers helping. It was rainy and there was no good traction at the threshold to make it in easily with a power chair. Overall ok, food was good quality, might be a bit expensive compared to other fast food but you pay for the quality.
QuietHands · April 1, 2018
I typically order their Cousin Oliver chicken sandwich, and that sandwich is to die for! If I could buy and eat it every minute of the day, I surely would. I some time purchase their sweet potato fries; however, it's not the best sweet potato fries I have ever had. It could be because every time I order their fries, they end up being slightly too burnt for my taste. It may work for someone else, but it just does not work for me. Overall, I enjoy every bite of each chicken sandwich I get from B. GOOD 😋
Medgine j · February 28, 2018