Beatrice & Woodsley
New American fare in whimsical environs
American · Speer · $$
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There's "nothing like" the "whimsical" , "clever" setting of this "aspen tree-lined getaway" decorated to make you feel as though you're "dining in your own personal fairy tale" (it's worth a visit "just to see the bathroom" ); compared with the "stunning" atmosphere, the "progressive" menu of New American small plates strikes critics as "too expensive for what you get" – though the "innovative" drinks delivered by "experienced" servers fuel a "satisfying" happy hour.
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location 38 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, USA phone +1 303-777-3505 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Good food and interior atmosphere. I loved the bathroom sinks which is a weird thing to say in a restaurant review but quite unique and interesting. Service was great. The only downside is convenient parking is at a minimum, you will likely have to drive around the block quite a few times before you find something within a reasonable walking distance. There's nothing in the way of large signage or easy to see from the road. Just a small menu peeking through the heavily tinted windows. The seating is comfortable and unique so I'm not a huge fan of booths in which a couple is forced to share a seat of which is the majority of the seating. I'd rather see my date then looking at other people dates. All in all it's a great city spot.
Nathan Turek · March 21, 2018
The wait staff was outstanding. The food was very good. We had gnocchi and short ribs. The gnocchi was fried and therefore it changes the taste and texture you are expecting but still good. The short ribs was a large portion and perfectly cooked. Desserts and drinks were good. You go there for the environment. It's one of a kind. We did have a hard time finding it (walked past it on the other side of the street). Don't look for a sign because you will not find one. Follow the address. Glad we went. An overall very enjoyable experience.
Janna Twedell · March 13, 2018
The food was really good, the drink menu really creative. The atmosphere was lovely. However, for making such a big deal about meeting dietary restrictions (gluten free or dairy free) I still got poisoned. They left the dairy-laden sauce off my dish but my gastric distress a couple of hours later tells me the polenta was fried in butter. I haven't had that happen in a long time, even at places that don't talk about taking care of those of us with allergies. Now I'm afraid to bring my mom because gluten makes her really miserable and a mix up like that will cost her a few days. If you don't have restrictions, it's great. EDITED TO NOTE that the staff did contact us shortly after we left this review, got to the bottom of what happened, and made it right. We did go back and it was lovely, and no one suffered.
Jenny Newtson · April 19, 2018