Beecher's Handmade Cheese - New York
Artisanal cheese shop & cafe
Flatiron · $$
Proving that "gourmet American cheese" is not an oxymoron, this "upscale" , tri-level Flatiron "outpost of the Seattle favorite" – with an adjacent cafe for "decadent" dishes packaged to go – offers an "unbeatable selection" of "fabulous" domestic "artisanal" fromages, including those "you can see them making" in-house before they travel to a downstairs aging cave; the goods can be on the "pricey" side, but to most it's "oh-so-worth-it" when you factor in the "courteous" , "helpful" service and additive-free accompaniments.
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location 900 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, USA phone +1 212-466-3340 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
The food here is outstanding. Bean dip is best I've had, and they definitely have the right to claim world's best mac-n-cheese. Cocktails are also on point. Reason for low rating was service. Our waitress took forever to do anything. 15 minutes to get the previously mentioned outstanding cocktails, we ended up having to get the attention of random wait staff to refill waters - and at one point just went and grabbed the water ourselves. Pretty sure our orders weren't entered right away but we were told they were still preparing them after about 30 minutes. We would ask for something and we would have to ask again when the waitress stopped by again to all if we needed anything. Just all in all a frustrating visit.
Billy Carson · April 4, 2018
Very overrated. Mac and cheese was good but nothing you would come back for. I had the chicken macaroni and tried the original as well. The quality was not what you would think. I did the herb spread for an appetizer because they were out of deviled eggs. The herb spread was decent enough but again was really was not anything special. Where they do set themselves apart is service. It's awful. They try to be an "it" spot to go to but without decent service this place will never be that. We were seated without menus, takes forever to get seen, and when you're finally seen you're met with a level of incompetence that will stun you. If food quality and service actually matter to your dining experience this isn't the place to get either.
JP Loingsigh · April 28, 2018
To anybody from an European cheese making country, the Mac and cheese thing sounds like the worst possible scenario of a sloppy overly cooked - apparently for days - pasta of the lowest quality and mass production industrial cheese made of waste, melted in a way that when you try some of the mix in your mouth you can't tell which is which. Got this ? Ok, then forget it. This place is worth a visit for cheese lovers like me. Period. You like cheese ? There's no other place around. And try the selection of cheeses with no cooking or melting but as they are. With crackers and honey and jam. Fabulous.
stefano menada · April 30, 2018