Bobby Van's Grill & Steakhouse - 50th Street
Classic American steak & seafood spot
Steakhouse · West 50s · $$$
The Zagat Review
“A staple” for the business set, these “solidly consistent” steakhouses “have the formula down” with “real pros” serving “hearty” cuts in “boys’ club” surroundings that include an “old bank vault” at the FiDi locale; a “big bill” is part of the “predictable” package.
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11:30 AM - 11:00 PM
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location 135 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10020, USA phone +1 212-957-5050 website directions Get Directions
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Overall we were pleased with the food. Our waiter though was a bit gruff at first and seemed to not want to be bothered. When it came time for the tip though he was all smiles and happy to talk. My family enjoyed the experience so I’ll give it a 4. Everyone has a bad night from time to time so I’ll leave it at that. I would return here again.
Matthew Grunden · March 2, 2018
Excellent meat quality , but poor service. Except one people not friendly and not professional. Too expensive for what we get (14 dollars for French fries that where just basic.) three stars only for the food quality.
De spiegeleer Michel · December 21, 2017
Bad night made worse when they accused my teen daughter of stealing when it was likely their employees (if it even happened). Arrived 45 minutes early for a reservation. Could not be seated early (which was fine) but then seated 15 minutes late at a table that was empty the entire hour we waited. As soon as we sat down our waiter was hurried and curt with us. Don’t know his name as he never introduced himself and never spent more than a few seconds at our table. Meal was very slow paced and took about an hour and a half. Food was not very good. Rare steak was borderline burnt on the outside and was dry. Calamari salty and Caesar was under dressed. My daughter’s pizza tasted pre made and also very salty. Waiter kept being rude. When we motioned him over for kids drinks after 20 minutes he snapped that he had told us he could get us anything. When we called him over for boxes he said “what’s up”? Never offered us dessert and coffee. Whole time spent more attention on setting empty tables than us and we paid $350! The topper which turned this from bad to traumatic was when we got up to leave and the host asked me how it was and I said not good. He basically ignored that and said he needed to speak to me privately. He said hate to tell you this but your daughter took money off the top of the coat check tips! What?? I was astounded. I asked based on what? He said one of the attendants said some money was missing from the jar. We asked the staff and they denied it then we checked the video around the time and saw your daughter do it. He asked me not to say anything to her now but I immediately made her turn out her pockets. Confused she did so revealing pocket lint. When I told her why she immediately burst into tears. I demanded to see the tape. After much trouble I saw a blurry image where you could not see anything in the jar. Saw the staff move the jar many times and then saw my daughter standing right next to me turn for a brief second near the jar. There he said! She stole money that quick? What is she a 15 year old pro? We just saw the staff touch the jar a bunch of times and I personally saw them empty and fill the jar. My daughter had only touched the jar once right in front of us to give the lady a $1 tip after we checked our coats. That's all the money she had on her and she was proud she used it for that. I asked the manager why (as I observed) the coat check lady touched the jar so much and even emptied and refilled the jar. He said they keep a jar underneath the counter and periodically empty it, but make sure there is some money in it so people know to tip. How are you sure the staff did not take money in all those times they touched it I said? Well they said they did not and I trust my staff he replied. I trust my daughter more I said. How are you even sure money is missing I asked, you can't even see the jar. Do you count it real time? He said the video is not high resolution unfortunately but the coat check lady reported money missing. In the hour we stood there there were hundreds of people nearby and blocking the camera. Could it have gone then? Yes, but your daughter is there and motions towards the jar when the lady leaves. So the logical conclusion is she stole a few dollars right in front of me and was bold enough to just hang there like nothing happened? She's also a great actress as she is bawling her eyes out right now. You accused us based on this? He said it was a miscommunication and they had not planned to accuse us. After I told him how bad an experience I had even before this he offered to have us back at another time. Ha! My daughter cried the entire time home. I know this was long, but what a harrowing experience. The next day we are still shell shocked. I had planned never to return before that last bit, but I will now make it my mission to get this story out and warn everyone I know and can reach to stay away! If money truly was missing, I'll bet it happens again and my 9th grader won't be around for them to blame.
Ron and Kyra Pinelli · December 16, 2017