Bon Ton Café
Classic Cajun fare since 1953
Cajun · CBD · $$
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Featuring a "classic old-school menu" of "true Cajun cuisine" (e.g. gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish étouffée), this CBD "institution" is a "great place to take out-of-towners or meet a business connection" for a "lively lunch" (dinner is more reserved); top it off with a "warm and happy" staff, and "everything is simply wonderful" at this "old-guard spot that never gets old" ; P.S. closed weekends.
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location 401 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA phone +1 504-524-3386 website directions Get Directions
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Simply put: great Cajun food that caters more to the locals than the errant tourists stumbling in from the French Quarter. This should be on your list of places to go, and while the menu does lean towards the local standard fare (fried seafood, gumbo, jambalaya), the crab au gratin is perfection. It is as if all the best things about the local cuisine were thrown into a ramekin and covered in cheese. The turtle soup is wonderful as well.
Branden Smith · April 1, 2018
Great Crab Augratin and Gumbo. Beth was our server and the sweetest. Service was amazing and the food was even better. Must come back!
Chrystal Fritz · February 16, 2018
Got there about 7:00 pm for our reservation and was immediately seated. They put us in the back by a side door. It was cold outside. There were four of us (including my 97 year old mother). Our food was relatively good but expensive for what we received. Very tight quarters. Wait staff bumped the back of my chair constantly throughout the evening. Aggravating. The main problem was that the wait and kitchen staff kept exiting the side door to smoke outside. That door came swinging open probably 20 times in the hour and a half we were there. Each time it opened a bitter cold rush of air smelling like cigarettes came over us. It was horrible. I mentioned it to the manager and he said he would "take it up with the staff". After we left I looked back at the restaurant and saw four of their kitchen staff sitting on the pavement smoking by that door. Unbelievable. Will never go back.
David Doiron · February 1, 2018