Broussard's Restaurant
Elegant dining & Creole fare since 1920
Creole · French Quarter · $$$
The Zagat Review
"The epitome of quiet elegance" , this "upscale" French Quarter "beauty" stuns diners with its "classic" good looks as well as its "excellent" , "up-to-date" Creole-French cuisine; an "impeccable" staff heightens the "civilized" atmosphere, delighting diners with a "special" experience that's "worth every dollar" ; P.S. it's got a "wonderful" courtyard too.
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location 819 Conti Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112, United States phone +1 504-581-3866 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
First - the food and drinks? Top notch. Service, however, was slow. I mean SLOW. Although I think some of that is by design, it was about an hour after the main course before our wait staff realized the desserts we had ordered as part of the prix fixe Reveillon menu were not actually available. That menu, also, did not match what was on their web site. If you have lots of time, enjoy, but this is not a place to go if time is a concern.
Doug DeMoss · December 26, 2017
A mouse ran out from under the table and the manager Jeff told us it's because we're in the French quarters and only took off two appetizers. We were a party of six. This was our first time at the establishment... I do not recommend for anyone to eat here. My bill still ended up being a total of $231.99 and he didn't seem to care about the mouse or our experience. Servers were amazing and I don't want to discredit their attempt at making the situation better.
Christie Thompson · November 27, 2017
We made reservations here for Christmas dinner since our restaurant at the hotel was already filled. We had high expectations from the rating, the price, and from hearing from others. Our reservation was at 3, we arrived at 2:40 and the gentlemen at the front said we would have to wait a little closer to our time to be seated, and for us to go to the bar and he would come find us. We sat and waiting for the 20 minutes, but realized no one was coming to find us so we went back to the lobby. We then saw a group come through the door, mentioned they had a reservation, and were sat in just minutes. We had to go up to the desk to remind them we were there. We get seated in the back (colder) room. We were greeted by an older gentleman who filled our waters while putting his thumb on the rim of the glass at the same time (didn't complain because none of us really drink water with dinner anyway). Greeted by our server, given the order, then precede to wait. One person received their soup (and it was fabulous), but we then waited until after 4 to receive our dinners (remind you, we were ready to order as soon as we met our server). In this time, we find there is a third person on the "serving team" and are greeted. Both ladies of the team came to tell us at some point, "our food should be right up", and "your ticket is two checks behind" because it was taking so long. Meals were good. Although as I said, we had the pleasure of being in the back cold room, where one of the serving teams children was also sitting and eating, waiting for Mom to be done with work. That's fine and all, he was a good kid, until his supervision left the room, then he was on a phone/video conversation with his little friends, while at the same time watching some video game video that produced sounds of gun shooting and cars racing. Not what you would expect from $$$ dining. We finish the food, and as plates are cleared a dessert menu is placed down (no offer, no explanation, no suggesting, just placed and walked away). We order a second dessert from one we ordered previously, and 3 coffees. The bread pudding was nothing to write home about, the PB moose was very good. But the coffees ran empty, and we waited, and waited. Finally got a second cup, and after those emptied we were just done and ready to leave (it was after 5 by now). We even had to ask for our check twice. TL;DL - Food was good, service was sub-par, atmosphere was also not very pleasing for a family Christmas dinner together.
Veronica Z · December 26, 2017