Buttermilk & Bourbon
New Orleans–style food & drink scene
Southern American · Back Bay · $$
Jason Santos, a local star chef remembered for his trademark pop of bright blue hair, commands this Southern-inspired entry in Back Bay offering quirky spins on Cajun and Creole cooking. Along with dining rooms named for New Orleans neighborhoods, the setting's black light–illuminated Voodoo Lounge hosts a boisterous, Bourbon Street–style bar scene.
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location 160 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02116, USA phone +1 617-266-1122 website www.buttermilkbourbon.com directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Food and drinks were very tasty. It's basically New Orleans tapas. The atmosphere was fun and NOLA themed but very noisy. It's not a place to go if you want to have a conversation. The ratio of some food was odd, like a huge bowl of hummus only came with three crackers. The staff was very friendly. We ran into severe traffic and ended up incredibly late for our reservation but they were still hospitable and welcoming.
Krystine Lewis · May 11, 2018
THIS PLACE IS INFESTED WITH MICE!!!! IF I COULD GIVE BUTTERMILK & BOURBON NEGATIVE STARS I WOULD. THEY'RE NOT EVEN WORTHY OF 0 STARS BECAUSE THAT IMPLIES INDIFFERENCE!!!! Please read my review until the end. I've been meaning to review Buttermilk and Bourbon for a long time now. Don't be fooled by this place's dim lights, tasty food, and "cool" vibe! I attended a conference in Boston and visited this shack on 2.14.2018 for dinner. Though it's taken me sometime to write this review, I recall the details of my night very well! My friends and I ordered biscuits and fried chicken. The food was prepared well, the biscuits were (at that time) seemingly the most delicious biscuits I've ever tasted. I thought all was well with the world, until, to my dismay, my friends spotted a mouse in the establishment. I was appalled there was a mouse in the restaurant; disgusted at the thought the restaurant had an infestation. (Mice are not loners; they live together as a family hence their moniker "pests"). I was ready to leave the restaurant then and there. I have a no-pest policy when it comes to restaurants (and I do believe that's fair). But, my friends reassured me that it was a basement restaurant, "it's probably a loner," they said. I wish I had not listened. Oh, why did I listen?! I spent the rest of the evening scared to death a mouse would run over my feet, or into my bag. I thought about mouse droppings being inside my food. Was that why those biscuits were so good?! I couldn't focus on my friends for the rest of the night. I had to be on the lookout. A mouse could pop up at any time! And just when I thought things couldn't get worse, they did. At the closing of our meal, we decided we should mention that there was a mouse in the establishment, so I asked to speak with the manager. THE FOLLOWING REASON IS WHY I AM ACTUALLY WRITING THIS REVIEW: When the manager arrived, he was the most unapologetic, nonchalant, absolutely unprofessional manager I have ever met. He didn't deny the fact that we saw a mouse (good, you'd think, right?), instead he said, everyone upstairs (the restaurant is beneath a complex) was infested with mice. WHAT?!!!!!!! He then said in a matter-of-fact tone, "We have exterminators here everyday. [so], Is that all.?" Readers believe me when I say this, the way the manager said this wasn't at all like, "I'm sorry," the intonation of his voice, even his posture, suggested this: "I can care less that you saw a mouse, we have numerous ones, so what's your point." I wish I could have recorded his facial expressions, his demeanor, his complete and absolute nasty disposition. Unfortunately, just writing his words doesn't capture his attitude. There is one thing to have a mouse infestation, there is another thing to respond rudely like he did. No culture or decency whatsoever. So distasteful. I can't believe restaurants like Buttermilk and Bourbon exist. This restaurant DESERVES TO BE CLOSED DOWN, and that manager, NEEDS TO LEARN THE FUNDAMENTAL RULES OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Still tempted to eat here? JUST REMEMBER DIM LIGHTS LET DISEASE-INFESTED MICE RUN FREE!
Lanita Warner · April 23, 2018
Really cool place! With good food and a fun atmosphere. The Mac and cheese is amazing. Loved the Burger sliders they were super juicy. Our favorite fried chicken was the sweet and sour thighs the Nashville was also good but we like the first better.
Catherine Vasquez · March 29, 2018