The Chicken & Rice Guys
Street cart–style Middle Eastern staples
Halal · Downtown
A popular halal food truck hatched these brick-and-mortar spin-offs, doling out street cart–style Middle Eastern gyros and grilled chicken, served on rice, spiced with various sauces and offered on the cheap. The Downtown Boston branch is takeout only.
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11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
location 85 Bedford Street, Boston, MA 02111, USA phone +1 617-654-8218 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Updating this review from 5 stars to 1. Saying this place has gone downhill is an understatement. Each of the last 4 times I've been in, the chicken was soggy and bland (and they were REALLY stingy with it), the rice was overcooked, the pita is always dried out and stale. It's like they don't care anymore. Very disappointing.
D S · February 9, 2018
Combo with the right sauces is pretty tasty, but also very fatty/greasy. Quality is usually consistent, but not always - rice is sometimes overcooked and quantity can very greatly from day to day and location to location. Use to grab lunch at the trucks a lot, but with the numerous recent price hikes it's not not a great value - so I usually opt for something cheaper and healthier. OK local staple, use to be better.
Daniel Kaye · January 8, 2018
Decent food for reasonable price. Liked tofu in here the best option
Huzefa Hakimi · January 19, 2018