Indian cuisine with a lunch buffet
Indian · East 50s · $$$
The Zagat Review
“Spices abound” at this “authentic Indian” on East 58th Street’s subcontinental strip, supplying a “wide-ranging” roster of “complex” dishes; tariffs are “moderate” , but for “quality and selection” the buffet lunch provides true “value for the money.”
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location 232 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10022, USA phone +1 212-688-4619 website directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
Chola has a pleasant and tasty lunch buffet at a reasonable price (about $19). I originally reviewed this place a year ago and came at literally the last ten minutes before they began closing up their buffet, and so naturally found the entire meal to be lacking. But this time I showed up at a normal time and enjoyed myself. Service was efficient and polite. Sure, it’s buffet and so most of the food you go up and get yourself, but there are still wait staff who efficiently collect your dirty plates, and who bring you items like fried mushrooms and fresh naan while you are at your table. The food itself was solidly good. None of it’s breathtaking food you will remember for the ages, but it’s flavorful and enjoyable Indian buffet food. Just a note though- nothing was spicy, even for a non-Indian like myself, so if you are craving very spicy Indian dishes, this place isn’t for you. All in all, recommended!
Dimitrios D · March 26, 2018
Weekend buffet - nice selection of tasty and well-prepared Indian food. Mostly typical North Indian style fare, but they do bring Naan, Idli and smalls Dosas directly to the table. Decor is nice and tasteful, although choice of music could be revisited - smooth Jazz is not a great accompaniment to spicy Indian cuisine. Wait staff is attentive and courteous. Small bar up front with the usual selection of spirits and beer.
Sanjay Cherubala · June 10, 2018
I was very sad to see Spicy Bite had closed as it was my go-to delivery spot but it has been replaced by an even better Indian restaurant. I really like the new menu and the food is much fresher and less oily. I get the typical stuff (chicken tikka, aloo gobi) but the sauce is better than most places in the area and they also deliver. Although I can't speak about a dine-in experience, I definitely recommend the delivery.
Merle Shrock · June 6, 2018