CoraFaye's Cafe
Southern & soul food from family recipes
Soul Food · $$
Head up to the second floor of an unassuming Aurora shopping center and find yourself at home in a country kitchen with all the leisurely charm of grandma's house, where Southern and soul-food classics (like fried chicken and smothered pork chops) come with all the trimmings for a song. There's no booze, but sweet tea and red Kool-Aid are old-school.
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location 16251 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011, USA phone +1 303-333-5551 website directions Get Directions
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Happened onto CoraFaye's as part of my quest to find the best fried chicken joints in the city of Denver. I wasn't sure what I was in store for when I wandered onto the second floor of a quiet and nondescript plaza off Colfax. The interior is decorated in a homely fashion with historic articles and items sprinkled about, and the atmosphere can only be described what old fashioned family style restaurant of the 70/80's would look like in my mind's eye. Cuts showing throw the banquet seating in some of the booths showing their age, patched with coloured duct tape. That said, the service was incredibly courteous and friendly as you would expect of a restaurant that is proud of its Southern heritage. I had a fried chicken meal with sides of fried okra and stewed sweet potato (I was glad to see that fries are not a side option). The order was a little slow getting out of the kitchen, but I was graciously topped up with a sweet tea. The chicken was clearly prepared on order and not something picked up from underneath a heat lamp, with the meat still warm and moist. Still, it lacked the crisp outer texture that I was yearning for and so my quest around the city continues.
Libby Hsiao · December 29, 2017
this is a true taste of soul food. Everything from the welcoming environment to the helpful and friendly staff works in perfect harmony to bring you a proper, stick to your ribs meal. The food is worth writing home about. I had the red waffles and chicken, as well as the catfish nuggets. Both were made to perfection. The flavors melded perfectly with contrasts and harmony between the sweet and savory. Even the iced tea was well done, with none of the usual restaurant iced tea bitter brackish taste. It is easy to feel all the love put into this restaurant. I would highly recommend!
Mel Romero · December 9, 2017
The food is absolutely delicious, but don't go unless you have the afternoon free and you're not starving yet. They're always seriously understaffed and it'll take an age just to get an iced tea. I'll recommend the food any day. It's the most true-to-the-South food you'll find in Denver and the surrounding areas. But you go there to stay a while, hungry people be warned. Edit: Came back again multiple times and having eaten all around Denver now, this is still the best Southern food that the Denver-Metro area has to offer. They're getting better about the promptness of their service as more people find their new location. I would highly recommend everyone visit, enjoy the atmosphere, and relish in the fantastic food.
SomeoneGotClever · November 19, 2017