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"Pub meets Mad Men" at this "upscale" , "smoke-free" Uptown lounge in an "out-of-the-way" "old firehouse" done up "dark and cool" and "beautifully decorated" ; "innovative" concoctions that "make your taste buds tingle" are "painstakingly handmade" by "mixologists, not bartenders" , and if some find the process a bit "pretentious" (especially when it leads to "slow service" ), fans contend it boasts the city's "best cocktail scene."
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location 4905 Freret Street, New Orleans, LA 70115, United States phone +1 504-302-2357 website directions Get Directions
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Great cocktails
Outdoor seating
Great cocktails
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Google Reviews
The drinks here are very well done but the service is lacking. When I was there, a person was clearing off the table after we had been seated and I asked if they were able to take our drink order. They replied "I guess I can." What? Either you can or you can't. Why the weird response. Or simply find someone who can and tell us you'll send someone over. Don't make your customers feel awkward like that. Once we had placed the drink orders, it took a full 15 minutes to receive our drinks. We placed a second drink order nearly 30 minutes before we were scheduled to leave because the second order also took another full 15 minutes to arrive at our table. We were ordering 3 drinks which included one house cocktail and two drinks that were simply liquor with a mixer. I don't understand why it took so long to receive the drinks because they weren't very busy at all. I will come back but I don't have high expectations for the service here.
Andrew Winstead · March 27, 2018
My boyfriend and I walked in the restaurant and were told to take a seat wherever we liked. When another party arrived, we were asked to vacate the seats of our choosing to allow room for them. We were excited coming into town, and this restaurant was on our list of places to enjoy. We will never visit again. Go to Wayfare, where you get seated quickly, and you get to stay in your seat!
Lisa Beavers · March 24, 2018
I keep trying to love Cure, but I can't do much better than liking it. New Orleans has so many options that a bar + food joint has to be really top notch. I've been here too many times where the food, in particular, is either trying too hard or not trying hard enough. Example of the latter: three ravioli, all stuck together with no sauce, and bland: $18. Come on now.
Harry Morse · April 11, 2018