Jacket-required French fine dining
French · East 60s · $$$$
The Zagat Review
A “wow every time” , Daniel Boulud’s “luxurious” UES “icon” “sweeps you into another world” with “masterly” New French fare and a “rarefied atmosphere” defined by “magnificent” decor, “VIP” service and a “dressed-up” clientele (jackets are required); granted, the prix fixe–only tabs are “Himalayan” , but “you’ll understand why” – and the bar provides the “same stellar” quality à la carte.
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5:30 PM - 11:00 PM
5:30 PM - 11:00 PM
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location 60 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065, USA phone +1 212-288-0033 website www.danielnyc.com directions Get Directions
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Duck terrine
Duo of beef
Black sea bass with Syrah sauce
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CHECK YOUR BILL CAREFULLY. We spent $$$$ to celebrate my daughters birthday only to come home and find a $44 additional charge- the only one not written in English- that we didn’t recognize. When we called Daniel we were told that only the maitre d had the authority to adjust the charge but that he had left for the evening. At best, this is an odd way to end a very luxurious meal at a restaurant that prides itself on service and training. At worst, this seems like an easy way to pad a bill with a middling charge that many wouldn’t quibble or notice. CHECK YOUR BILL CAREFULLY.
Matt Lyons · January 31, 2018
For such a fancy French place yes I can see how people are never did I think people or perhaps expecting a lot when they come here. I know I was expecting a lot, and I was disappointed by some of the dishes which were not nearly up to the reviews from some of the other diners in the past. We are three different appetizers of which one was a duck Pate dumpling which was excellent, some tuna cubes which were okay, and a small pastry boat with mayo and a fish. Not so good that last one. Of the main dishes passes were fantastic, the steak was completely underwhelming and needed the sauce unfortunately to taste like anything at all, the scallops or too salty with the sauce they used, and the dessert was only so-so. The fresh Madeleine's at the end were probably the second best part of the meal after the pasta. Overall service was pretty good as expected although it took a lot longer to clear off the bread crumbs off the table than expected given how many times they came to my seat to adjust my napkin or fill my water. Overall I think you get a much better experience if you're coming here with only one or two people, when you come with a large group like ours that ends up all having the same menu, you may be disappointed as I was.
Hank Chang · February 3, 2018
Everything was phenomenal - the ambience, food, and service. We have eaten at many fine dining restaurants and cannot think of any with better food than Daniel. Jorge was our server and did an outstanding job making us feel very comfortable. Truly an outstanding experience.
love kaushik · January 21, 2018