Denino's Pizzeria
Landmark parlor for thin-crust pies
Pizza · Elm Park · $$
The Zagat Review
“Always a contender for Staten Island's best” , this circa-1937 Elm Park pizzeria (with a Greenwich Village offshoot) turns out “phenomenal” pies with “the most remarkable” crispy crusts (not to mention “out-of-this-world” fried calamari); it's cash only and the space is “no-frills” to put it mildly, but “bargain” tabs help keep it perennially packed.
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location 524 Port Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, New York 10302, United States phone +1 718-442-9401 website directions Get Directions
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This is by far the best pizza I've ever had. I have been going to this establishment for 28 years. I've seen it go through a lot of renovations and yet no matter what changes they have made to the interior, the pizza is always high quality. Another favorite of mine is the calamari. It is always made to perfection. A small negative, though it does provide a bit of amusement, is the size of the glasses. They hold about 4 sips of a drink. Overall this is a place I would gladly recommend to anyone. I typically travel an hour to go every few months and it is totally worth it.
sportsguy0507 · January 18, 2018
One of my favorite pizza spots in the whole city. Secretly delicious calimari, and of course great pizza. Crispy crust, solid cheese, and a great sauce on top. Always has a bit of a homey feel and is never too packed, but always busy. I come here whenever I'm on SI and craving pizza.
C. Freda · December 29, 2017
My wife wanted to take me someplace special for dinner to celebrate my birthday. She asked me where I wanted to go and I said Denino's. She suggested a fancier restaurant to make it extra special for me, but I insisted we go to Denino's because I loved their pizza since I was a child. What a tremendous mistake it was. We were first sat in the main area and so we very politely requested a more private seating area. One of the hostesses initially told us it would make no difference where we sat but then relented and brought us to the back area only to have us sitting right next to a very loud group of people. When we again asked to sit in a booth toward the back because it was more private, our waitress gave us an attitude and berated us for requesting a booth that fits more than two people and then when she brought us back to the main area where we were before, my wife mentioned again very softly and politely that she wanted to make sure we were in a more private area to make it romantic for my birthday. She then screamed across to another waitress "I don't understand what the problem is!" in front of the customers for all to hear. We felt degraded and humiliated, as if we were nothing but a nuisance and the whole restaurant needed to know it. We had enough and we decided to leave immediately. The disrespect we were shown was ridiculous and embarrassing. I was a dedicated customer my entire life and always stood up for Denino's despite their degraded quality, but now I never want to set foot in there again.
rpasc1129 · November 25, 2017