Di Fara Pizza
Revered pizzeria, circa-1964
Pizza · Midwood · $$
The Zagat Review
Pizzaiolo “legend” Dom DeMarco is “a master plying his art” at this 1965 Midwood “institution” , where his “lovingly handmade” pies are “a must for the pizza addicted” ; despite “unappealing” digs, “interminable waits” and service with “zero sense of urgency” , it’s “thronged” with those who urge “patience – it’s worth it.”
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location 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA phone +1 718-258-1367 website www.difarapizzamenu.com directions Get Directions
What To Order
Plain regular pie
Sicilian square pie
Di Fara classic pie
Insider Tip
If you want to avoid the long waits, you can call ahead and order a pie to-go.
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Google Reviews
This is how pizza is supposed to taste! Such great flavor and cooked wonderfully. I wish they offered some type of entertainment while you wait. Maybe send around some bread sticks or something? All joking aside if you can handle a wait I highly recommend them!
Kimberly Lee · May 12, 2018
Is it the best pizza in N.Y.? Do they have some of the best ingredients? Can you taste the difference? Is it worth the trip? Is it worth $5 a slice? Is it worth waiting an hour and a half for two slices? These are all the questions you'll be asking yourself before, during and after visiting Di Fara's. If you live in NYC and you have never been, you should go. It is some of the best pizza I've ever had. The quality of the sauce, cheese and fresh ingredients are top notch. However, after waiting an hour and a half, you'll deeply question if it was all worth it. Your first inclination will be - hell no! - I've got better pizza around the block. Then hours later after you finished your slices, you wish you could go back tomorrow and not wait so long. I would give Di Fara 5 stars, I'm withholding a star for the wait. New Yorkers HATE waiting.
Matthew Greven · February 12, 2018
$5 a slice of pizza but worth it!! This spot is so cute that soon as I walked in I had a great feeling. Right before they serve, they sprinkle the freshly grounded parmesan then cut the fresh basil on the pizza that just came out from the brick oven. Wow the flavor was just divine. You'll finish the first slice in a second I promise;) If you have company, just get the whole pizza. Pizza is very thin. I saw several couple just ordered a whole pie and bought the lest to home. Square was also beautiful. I saw how the owner cooked it. He drizzle olive oil over and over under the bread. This was also fantastic. It's so simple but everything is so fresh that you just enjoy it no matter what
MARI TANAKA · March 12, 2018